Coffee and Calligraphy

Coffee and Calligraphy

The city skyline is again visible, and confetti and glitter have been cleared from the streets and our hair. Happy 2016, everybody! Lovely to see you here after you’ve slept off your midnight champagne and gotten your voices back after counting down to the new year.

While we at Style Cat HQ sincerely wish you were all brave enough to light a firework or two (or for the less daring, a singing firework birthday candle would have sufficed), we hope as much that you were cautious and kept all ten fingers intact and functioning! 


Glamourbox CEO Lia Ramos

You can’t achieve that perfectly slick outer eye corner flick, feather out shadows to flawlessly blend them, or pat liners dry with less than ten fingers, after all. Believe us. With the newly introduced Australian eye make up brand Eye of Horus, you’re going to be flicking, feathering, and patting all year long using their amazing line of products. 


Eye of Horus

With the new year comes new reasons to feel reinvigorated and remade. Shake off holiday doziness like you would with excess powder shadow on a brush and take Eye of Horus’ advice to awaken the goddess within. 


Angel of Glamourbox PH

The brand takes its cue from Egyptian women who, in the ancient world, knew the difference beautifully done eyes could make and certified that only the purest, most natural and highly prized ingredients touched their skin. Eye of Horus boasts of following the same tradition. Moringa oil and castor oil are essential ingredients infused in their products to make sure that a woman’s natural beauty is not only enhanced, but is also cared for and made to last. 


Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus’ most notable products include their mascaras and liquid define liners which have both been recognized by The Beauty Shortlist Awards and The Latest in Beauty Awards. These exact products and many other treats will be/are already available online on and prices range from Php990 to Php1,750. The tools needed to recreate goddess-like beauty that allured worlds gone by are now the modern woman’s to reclaim and wield. 


Lettering 101 with Danika Navarro

To further evoke the feel of Ancient Egypt, Eye of Horus’ Manila launch sponsored a crash course on lettering for us guests. It may not have been hieroglyphics 101, but it did the job perfectly well! 


With Danika Navarro, our doodling was given direction and we learned a trick or two. (Anyone else remember wasting highlighter ink and buying scented gel pens to write down names on the last pages of school notebooks?)


Erica Paredes and Kring Robles of Calyxta Beauty

Basic tips to share from the experience? 

  • Loosey goosey doodles: Warm up before you even begin working on the final product. Write, doodle, draw, anything to loosen up that hand. Do this to avoid shaky lines or uneven curves and corners later on. 
  • Trace for training wheels: Don’t be afraid to trace! That’s right, feel free to pick out a style you fancy and trace the letters’ outline first. This is perfect for beginners still getting a hang of getting strokes right and figuring out how much pressure to use when drawing (i.e.: me). Fill in letters’ details  afterwards. 
  • Back to basics: Don’t be tempted to overindulge in color. Stick to basic black and white if you’re unsure about what added detail might do. Careful not to ruin a good piece of art by overdoing it. (We’ve all done that. Think: over applying eyeliner). Drawing on dark surfaces (the back of construction boards or black construction paper) produce a completely different effect from lighter coloured surfaces. Pencils work well for either option!


Bonus tip: Be wise, economize | Glamourbox CEO Lia Ramos and Danika Rio Navarro

The start of a new year makes us all want to clean out our closets. It’s not just about making room for next season’s styles and colors (which are Rose Quartz and Serenity blue, if anyone was wondering), but it extends to clearing our bathroom counters too! Admit it, there are untouched tubes of lip tint that have lost their vibrancy, mascara that’s gone flaky and eyeliner that’s more like oil pastels now.

Don’t fret, you don’t have to wastefully throw them away. They may not be great to use on our faces anymore, but don’t let that stop you from using them to make art. Make up is just another form of art supplies, go be creative!

In our lettering class, we used actual beauty products to make our works of art. Find ways to repurpose old make up items. Maybe you can move on to this step once you’ve mastered your curves, corners, dots and crosses!


More new years and more countdowns will come and go, and we’ll be different after each one.

All things beauty-related will come to change; even the exalted Cleopatra knew that.

Owning up to the inevitable, knowing how to remain put together and finding that years add character – not lines – is where the true power of a goddess lies.

Awaken the goddess within and immortalize the things that matter.

Happy New Year! (:


in Restock, Makati

For more information, you can shop Eye of Horus products on Glamourbox PH here and follow them on Instagram via @glamourboxph!

(Words by Sara de los Reyes)