All Washed Up | Top 5 Beach Essentials

Oh, buoy!

Summer’s around the corner so it’s time to whip out your bikinis, scout for maxi dresses and dust off those cute sandals you kept dry during the rainy reason. To be prepared, here are my top 5 beach essentials. P.S. Watch out for the Skincare must-haves soon! ;)



Soak Swimwear White Maxi Dress

  1. A comfortable maxi dress. You can never go wrong with white beach dresses. Actually, make that white-ANYTHING for the beach, in terms of outfit. Going for something that has a low back cut is also trying to achieve a level of sexiness but maintaining its class. I love this Soak piece so much – I also have it in another color!


Sassa white and black bikini

2. A nice-fitting yet affordable bikini. Let’s face it – there won’t only be ONE beach trip this summer, it will be multiple trips impulsively planned by our millenial friends. Best to go for a bikini that fits well but affordable to the pocket so you won’t feel guilty of stocking up in different colors and designs. I’ll be posting a more seen version of the bikini from Sassa but you should check them out in department stores nationwide. They are on Zalora too!


Veloci watch & Georgina Sasha eyewear

3. A water-resistant watch with rubber strap and light weight eyewear. Everytime I go on a beach trip, I always make sure to strap on the watch that can take the water activities. The last thing you want is potentially losing a watch because you had to take it off before swimming. It’s also disheartening to lose an expensive frame so opt for the affordable yet stylish designs!


Wanderlust leather sandals

4. A pair of leather sandals. Sometimes, our favorite pair of flip flops just can’t be a footwear candidate for a wedding or dinner. I love these easy slip-on pair from Wanderlust. You just literally grab it and slide it on. The straps fit everyone cos the leather stretches to give you that snug fit.


Parfois sling bag

5. A small beach bag. We can’t lug around our totes the whole day and for tours, you just want to carry a small bag that houses the essentials. A feel like this white classic silhouette will go with any outfit!


Photo by Ida Anduyan

Checked everything? Then you are now ready to hit the beach. This set was taken by my uber talented friends Ida and Michael during the NIVEA trip in Bohol. Can’t wait to share with you more photos from that trip!

Photos by Michael Macalos

Michael is really one of the best male bloggers I know. He takes fantastic photos and look at his impeccable style. Check out his blog on the link above!


Wanderlust Sandals

Real leather and a unique design – Wanderlust is the brainchild of my cousin Nikki San Agustin. It was inspired from a trip to Greece, embracing the beach lifestyle of the locals. If you’d like to order, you can head over to their Facebook page!


Yuki Tansengco

Dress: Soak Swimwear

Bikini: Sassa

Sandals: Wanderlust

Bag: Parfois

Watch: Veloci

Shades: Georgina Sasha

What are your beach essentials? I hope my little list helped you pack for your future trips!


Style Cat

(Photos by Michael Macalos)