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Imagine this: it’s rush hour, insanely traffic and you’re already so so hungry. You head over to your favorite restaurant but there’s no parking or there is but you have to cue in line. All hell breaks loose and you go HANGRY (When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or BOTH.) Thankfully, the technology gods has sent us a gift called KANGURU – which gives us delicious food just a hop away!


Quick, convenient and efficient

Kanguru officially launched at the Belle and Dragon last Feb 3 – I was so excited when I heard about it. I’ve seen other food delivery apps so ordering with my phone has always tickled my curiosity. The media launch was a fun experience because us guests were able to experience the Kanguru app as we ordered food straight from our smart phones. In just a few minutes, our mouth-watering orders from Belle and Dragon arrived – how cool is that? As the program began, I was amazed by the simple story behind Kanguru as told by Michael Stamati, the young brains behind the Kanguru App. There is indeed a need for delicious food to be enjoyed in the comfort of our own homes – skipping the stress of ordering take out.


Ordering Kanguru during a staycation in Aruga Rockwell

So I finally tried the app during a recent staycation in Aruga. I was too lazy to head out for dinner (and also wanted to save and avoid unnecessary expenses) so I ordered on Kanguru.  I’m so happy one of my favorite restaurants are in the roster: WINGMAN! I ordered around 4PM and my order arrived around 4:45. I love how efficient they were from the constant text updates from the Kanguru call center, phone push notifications and how polite the Kanguru delivery guy was. With a click away, I was able to feast on restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of my own room.

Backyard Kitchen - Waffle Beaded Chicken and Wagyu Pares

Backyard Kitchen – Waffle Beaded Chicken and Wagyu Pares

Download the app “Kanguru PH” to see the list of participating restaurants – right now, the app is working its magic in the Makati and Ortigas area. Never suffer from a #FoodPorn craving and not being able to get it cos your car is coding or it’s too traffic. Don’t worry, Kanguru has got you covered!

Casa San Luis - Marshmallow Calamansi Cake

Casa San Luis – Marshmallow Calamansi Cake

I’ve tried this Calamansi Cake before and it’s H E A V E N. The sweetness of the icing compliments the sour pinch of calamansi. I’m so happy I am now able to have food and pastries (cakes!) delivered conveniently to my doorstep.

Sennor Pollo - Roast Chicken

Senor Pollo – Roast Chicken

I posted a photo recently on Instagram and received a lot of inquiries. Here are Kanguru FAQs you need to know:

Wondering how much our delivery fee is?  
For any order under Php 1000, Kanguru charges a delivery fee of only Php 79! Extra hungry tonight and ordered enough to feed a family? Have no fear, any order over Php 1000, and Kanguru charges a flat rate of only Php 99! 

Using the app and not sure which restaurants you can see on your choice list? 
The Kanguru app shows you restaurants within a 5km radius of your location. Just to make sure you get your food delivered fresh – within an hour!

Within an hour?
Yup! You got it! Kanguru promises to deliver your hunger cravings within an hour or less, ensuring you don’t ever go hangry!

Craving for something thats a bit of a stretch from your 5km radius? 
Not to worry! Cross city delivery orders are also allowed! Just take note of the possible additional delivery time it may take to cross cities. 

Ordered on the app, but not sure how you will get notified on your order updates?
The Kanguru app allows you to receive push notifications on your smart phone for your order status. Not to mention, getting update text messages from our very own Kanguru call centre.

Craving 3 different things at a time?
Kanguru, not only satisfies your cravings by taking them straight to your doorstep, it also allows you to order from multiple restaurants at the same time! But take note, that you will need to create separate orders to do so. 

Not hungry now, but sure you’ll be hungry later? 
Avoid being hangry and place orders in advance! Yes, you read that right! Order your dinner meal in advance by selecting the “later” option and then plugging in the date and time you want your food to be delivered.


Yahooo – my Wingman has arrived! Thank you Kanguru!

was so happy when my order arrived in less than an hour. Try it for yourself! Kanguru put together a list of the metro’s best restaurants and it just keeps growing. You’ll really love the push notifications and text updates so you don’t have to impatiently wait for your order. “Is it on it’s way yet? Was the order even placed?” With Kanguru you’ll never have to go through that pain again.


Kanguru PH

For more information, check out the official site of Kanguru PH at and like them on Facebook here. You can also follow them on Instagram via @Kanguruph. I love their commercial to define what HANGRY really is – check out the video below!

So what are you waiting for? Delicious food is now just a hop and a couple clicks away. Food delivery has never been this easy, nor has it been this tasty before! Enjoy! :)

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(Food photos from Kanguru PH)