Sunnies Specs Party: A House Party from the 1970’s

A SPECtacular Evening

Ever since I had lasik a few months ago, I haven’t worn a pair of glasses up until last night. I must admit – putting on a pair of specs after a very long time made me feel nostalgic. The one I put on may not have been a prescription pair but Sunnies Specs is definitely something you should watch out for!

specsparty-keso - 107

Portrait by @meetkeso

Take it from someone who has been wearing glasses since grade school, the Sunnies Specs deal of Frame + Lens = Php1,999 is very reasonable. I’ve gone through overpriced frames only to misplace it or worse, having someone sit beside you and hear a deafening *crack*.


Photo by Charlie Shot Me

To celebrate the 2nd birthday of Sunnies Studios, they hit 2 birds with one stone by launching Sunnies Specs along with it. They threw a fun 1970’s themed house party and transformed the house into what would seem like your friends gaming hideout. Board games, snacks, polaroid shots filled the rooms – it was super fun!

Specs Party Highlights

What I love most about the party is that it didn’t feel like those typical press events. The vibe was so chill and home-y – not to mention overflowing churros from La Lola and fries from Potato Corner!!! I would love to have a similar set-up for my birthday. Haha! Check out the video above to see the party highlights! :)


Sunnies Specs

Holding the record of throwing the most IG-worthy parties, the Sunnies team did not disappoint with all the pretty corners they set-up for the guests to take photos in. You can casually sit anywhere, take a photo and it’ll be IG-worthy because of the rustic 70’s set-up.


Sunnies Specs: Frame + Lens = Php1,999

Sunnies Specs is the exclusive line of premium prescription eyewear designed by Sunnies Studios. Each pair already comes with multi-coated lenses that has UV Protection and Anti-Glare benefits. The stylish frames are durable, lightweight and customized for you by a team of experts so you get exactly what your eyes need. To see the styles, check out :)


Jaz Reyes and Yuki Tansengco

Can we pass as teachers or doctors in civilian? Haha! Thank you Charles Rodulfo for taking these photos :)


Trousers from Uniqlo | Top from Taiwan flea market

For more parties from the event, check out #SpecsParty on Instagram!



(Photos from Charlie Shot Me and Jaz Reyes)