My 6 Super Finds in Landers!

Newest shopping destination

Just like my taste in style, I am always on the lookout for products that are unique and instantly eye-catching. I’m a sucker for groceries – even when I’m traveling, I always delegate A TRIP to the local grocery store because I love things we don’t normally see anywhere. So I was excited when the newest grocery heaven, Landers Superstore, opened – here are my 6 favorite finds!


Landers in Balintawak

Welcoming you with 8,000 square meters of shopping space, Landers proudly houses a local barbershop (Talas co-owned by Jericho Rosales), gasoline station, cafe, bakeshop, and restaurant to make it a one-stop shop for its members.


Landers Superstore

First impressions when I arrived: “Wow it’s really so huuuge!” Landers definitely has a wide range of products – from imported condiments, ice cream, interesting snacks with unique flavors, big tubs of Nutella and a vast home section – even furniture! Even if its all the way in the North, it wasn’t hard for me to access coming from Makati.


in Landers

When you arrive, make sure you sign up for a membership card but for those who aren’t keen on doing the grocery, they can check out Doppio, Landers Centrale and Dough & Co.


Pigging out in Landers Centrale

I LOVE the food in Landers!!! After doing the grocery, Nesi Jaffy and I pigged out to delicious pizza, hotdogs, fried chicken and snacks in very generous portions. Here are my favorite finds in Landers Superstore!


  1. Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream

Wine not? ;) Mercer’s ice cream is a New York-based brand that’s been around since the 1950’s. They mastered the art of churning wine ice cream in 2006 and now sells a total of 10 flavors. Fortunately, this is being carried in Landers and I can’t wait to head back and pick up the other flavors! :)


2. We love the wheat pizza!

For health-conscious visitors, Landers Central actually has wheat pizza – and the good news, it’s actually yummy!


3. Doppio cafe for pastries and sweets | Lava cake

One of my favorite finds when I went to Landers is the super moist lava cake from Doppio. It’s sooo good! I highly recommend it when you go.


4. Almond Seaweed Sandwich

I’m a sucker for anything seaweed so imagine my surprise when I spotted this seaweed sandwich with almonds?! What I love about Landers, every corner you walk to offers a free taste and this was one of them. I tried it and really enjoyed this snack so I ended up hoarding for myself!


5. President’s Choice Chocolate Chip & Pretzel

Their home brand President’s Choice is such a big hit!!! It’s the kind of dessert you want that isn’t too sweet – just right. This pack of assortment is my favorite!


6. Creme Brulee Pack of 2

Lastly, Landers has a wide selection of ready-to-eat snacks and this caught my attention. A box of 2 individually wrapped creme brulee jars. It’s so delicious! :)



You definitely need to check out Landers Superstore for it’s unique and well-curated choices or if you’re simply hungry, the 3 places to eat make it a good choice. As for the best time to pay a visit to Landers, I personally suggest coming on the weekdays since it will be less busy :)


Hungry Jaffy

Landers Central is my favorite because of its New York style pizza and hotdogs – it’s clearly Jaffy’s favorite too!!


Denise Villanueva

Note that you’ll be needing a membership card when you go to Landers! Being a member is easy. Simply sign up with a membership fee of Php800 and avail extension cards for only Php400.


Arigato, Landers!

Check out Landers Superstore at 1240 EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City now. If you live in the South area, Landers has opened its second branch in Otis, Manila. For more information, visit the official website of Landers Superstore at or find them on Facebook.

(Photos (c) of The Style Cat)