5 Resolutions For A Better Lifestyle In 2015

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Shape up or ship out

This is it, page 1 of 365 once again and everyone’s excited to craft their own little list of resolutions to ring in the new year. Unfortunately, only around 10% of the list is kept throughout the entire year – maybe even less. So let’s keep it simple, shall we?

Yuki Tansengco My Style Cat

5 Resolutions for career in 2015

 Personally, I listed a longer one but I realized if we keep it short, we have less to remember and a bigger chance of focusing on each one. Like most things in life, these are just suggestions I’m offering so feel free to agree or disagree with me. Which ones made the list?

Yuki Tansengco My Style Cat

Hello, 2015!

No matter how contented we are with our career and other aspects, it doesn’t hurt to find a little room for improvement. So before crafting your list, ask yourself, “What would I like to do differently this year?” I’m sharing with you mine! :)

Yuki Tansengco My Style Cat

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1. Get up, dress up and show up

I’m not saying you should look catwalk-ready on the most casual days but dressing up appropriately helps you play that dream role you’re working hard for. Believe me, power-dressing really helps you and your aura for the day! 

Yuki Tansengco My Style Cat

SM Parisian pointed pumps in Taupe | Yellow leather tote

2. Be a doer and accomplish tasks within 3 days – maximum

My Angkong once told me, if you can’t accomplish what you say you’ll do within 3 days – forget about it. I’m not referring to difficult things that require a long time. I’m talking about the simple things like getting a contact or doing an errand. Make sure you do it within 3 days!

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Alfani green floral wrap dress

3. De-clutter: in all aspects

Start the year with a fresh new look, a new haircut, have your nails done. When you get home, de-clutter your closet and set aside all the items you don’t wear anymore because you’re surely getting a lot more in 2015. Most of all, de-clutter your mind and re-evaluate the things that stress you out. Note: Situations, not people, should be the only source of stress. :P

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SM Parisian pointed pumps | SM Accessories floppy hat


I know, you’ve done a minor form of organizing but there’s not better time to start fresh and organize than the new year! Organize your files, your clothes, your plans for the year. As a blogger, I am starting the year by writing my plans on a calendar, and making sure all upcoming posts will be up on time. No more backlogs, hopefully!

Yuki Tansengco My Style Cat

Photos by Cher

5. Lastly, dream big and love yourself.

You keep hearing this over and over again but trust me, just THINK it is possible and you’re already halfway there. You’ll be surprised where your hardwork can take you! Years before I started blogging, I never knew the opportunities it could open. So don’t be afraid to take risks – you can do it. Believe you can. :)

Yuki Tansengco My Style Cat

Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol 40mm watch

I know I only said 5 but an important resolution I’m making myself is: Be on time. I don’t want other people to feel that my time is more important than theirs so I’m picking up my stuff together and will aim for punctuality. I picked out this classic Bristol design from Daniel Wellington to go with all of my outfits!

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Yuki Tansengco My Style Cat

Yuki Tansengco

Together, we can do this! Let’s all strive for a better and healther 2015! Life is too short to be anything but happy. Would you like to add to my list? :)

Cheers to OUR year!



(Photos by Cher Lui Pio)