A Grand Festival As Taters Celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

Taters Le Grand 20 Anniversary

Tater’s Le Grand 20 Anniversary Festival

Imagine a festival with unlimited food, games AND prizes. It’s every kids heaven right? One of the country’s favorite snack joints (I’m SURE you know them!) hosted “Le Grand 20”, an anniversary with a larger than LIFE celebration! 20 years of great snacks with our favorite cinema date – Taters!

Taters Le Grand 20 Anniversary

Le Grand 20 in Trinoma

Let the festivities begin! I was so excited when I arrived because Taters is my official “movie buddy” every single time. So in Le Grand 20, I was amazed with the FULL ON circus set-up with activities, entertainers – the mime was my favorite! Guests could indulge into ANY of their favorite Taters snack and of course, I was in the nachos booth trying all the dips and enjoying their New York Beef Hotdogs! 

Taters Le Grand 20 Anniversary

Unlimited Food and Drinks

In 1994, Ms. Annie Tanchanco opened the first Taters stall located in a cramped mall space measuring only 8.5 sq m. Talk about humble beginnings! The store initially carried 3 products –popcorn, peanuts and fries. During the time, there are no branded food outlets in cinemas, just the generic popcorn concessionaires. The Taters was then born, being the first branded entertainment snack store.

Taters Le Grand 20 Anniversary

Fill My Burger

This activity taught me how the Taters staff really take time and patience in assembling our yummy burgers! Speaking of delicious quality snacks, Taters Enterprises Inc has recently been confirmed as an awardee of the Philippines Quality Challenge (PQC) Challenge II! They are the FIRST company in the food industry to receive such recognition by PQC. Congrats Taters team!!! :)

Taters Le Grand 20 Anniversary

Pop My Corn

The event was open to the pubic! For every Php100 purchase at Taters, each guest was given a set of coupon stubs to access the activities and food in Le Grand 20. For every Php20 purchase at Taters, each guest receives 1 ticket which they can exchange for prizes!

Taters Le Grand 20 Anniversary

Mister Strongman

I was eventually tired with all the activities but that’s nothing compared to all the hardwork and sleepless nights Taters put in to become the premiere entertainment food provider it is today with it’s 23 outlets. I mean, who doesn’t pass by Taters before hitting the movies? I love their nachos and fries! 

Taters Le Grand 20 Anniversary

Onion Ring Toss

They may look like they’re just getting you popcorn and tossing burgers but honestly – ITS HARD WORK! Just like this Onion activity. Haha! Based from this photo, I obviously wasn’t scoring any tickets but I tried harder in the next round! The whole staff in Le Grand 20 was so accommodating! The activities also made me discover the other snacks. Genius!

Taters Le Grand 20 Anniversary

Popcorn Dive

My girls and I incredibly enjoyed at Le Grand 20! An amazing brand calls for a very grand celebration just like this one! Cheers to another 20 years, Taters and I can’t wait for my next movie date with you to try your latest snacks! I’m aiming to go healthy with your Tofu chips and Tuna Mushroom sandwich!

Taters Le Grand 20 Anniversary

Ending with a bang!

The cap off the celebration, Le Grand 20 had amazing performances of a world-class carnival show mixed with modern opera singing. The celebration ended with a message from Ms Annie and of course – a loud bang, as guests popped a paper bag of Taters!

Taters Le Grand 20 Anniversary

Vina Guerrero, Rhea Bue and Yuki Tansengco

Don’t worry – you can experience this too! A nationwide mall tour will be set in motion from months of September to November. The Le Grand Booth will feature an augmented reality snack game people can enjoy, plus FREE snacks will be served. Watch out for it. Connect with www.facebook.com/taters.snackleague for more details!



(Photos (c) of My Style Cat)