A Taste of Italy in The Venetian Macao

When In Macau

Known as the gambling capital of Asia or the “Oriental Las Vegas”, Macau is quick ride from Hong Kong and is definitely something to tick off your bucketlist. The weather is lovely and the chain of luxury hotels give lots of room for exploration!


Freezing weather

One thing I wish I knew before heading to Macau – the weather is freezing! I went around February and I thought I packed the right amount of leather jackets and coats. Well, ditch the skirts and open toe footwear when you go. Haha!

What To Do in Macau

The Venetian Macao

The weather is so bad right now that I decided to stay in and work on my backlogs. This brings me back to the time when I tricked my best friend into buying us tickets to the Gondola Ride at the Venetian. The tickets are kind of pricey but since you’re there already, why not right? Usually they pack the boat with a group of 4, I badly wanted to experience the Gondola Ride but Nicole already tried it. So I told her that if we bought tickets, we could go on the Gondola with no companions. But of course – that didn’t happen. Haha!


Here are some photos from our Gondola Ride. Lol!

What To Do in Macau

A Taste Of Italy

What To Do in Macau

Getting photobombed 


Gondola Ride Review

The verdict? If you are only two, it’s kinda weird to share the ride with 2 other strangers. I understand they wanted to maximize each trip but on our part, it was hard to take photos. Haha! They’d occasionally stop and let us take some snaps and the lady’s voice was so nice. I wonder how close that experience is to an actual Gondola Ride in Italy. Hmm, nice for the first time but something I wouldn’t do again. The ride was sweet and short – something that needs to be experienced but once is enough. Hehe!


Hello, Macau!



Yuki Tansengco and Nicole Ty

Meet the lady behind all my Hong Kong travel photos and my best friend – Nicole Ty. Thanks for buying us the Gondola Ride tickets! :))


Turtleneck Top: SFERA

Skirt: Thrifted

Shoes and Leather Jacket: Forever 21

What To Do in Macau

The Venetian

Hope everyone stays safe and dry!


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