Ashark Club Grand Opening

Ashark Club | Roast Suckling Pig

Coming from a Chinese family (my dad is Chinese and my mom is Filipina), I’ve been exposed to a wide array of Asian dishes and topnotch Chinese cuisine. I was so excited when my friend Amy Peng shared to me that she, together with her husband, will be launching a premiere Chinese restaurant – Ashark Club!

Ashark Club Grand Opening with fellow lifestyle bloggers

Located in Pasay City (near Moa), Ashark Club sits on the second floor of Golden Phoenix Hotel. The gold and white interiors plus marble finishes instantly make it look luxe – and this is just the beginning. Wait until you see the VIP rooms!

Topnotch dining experience with Ashark Club

We did a food tasting during the Grand Opening and I thoroughly enjoyed each dish. It was exploding with flavor and behind Ashark Club’s dishes are pool of chefs that master the best in Cantonese, Hunan, and Sichuan cuisine.

Yuki Tansengco and Maxie Marcelino

My favorite: Mango Pomelo sago!

Yuki Tansengco, Heart Evangilista and Mishy Co

The ribbon cutting was headed by Heart Evangilista, together with Pasay city officials and Ashark Club board members. Ashark Club is ready to serve you with its finest even facilities and KTV entertainment!

The best in Chinese Filipino Cuisine

Red Bean Steam Bun (Shou Bao)

Mishy Co, Michael Sy Lim and Yuki Tansengco

Ashark Club VIP Room | Andie Javelosa, Amy Peng, Maxie Marcelino and Yuki Tansengco

Aside from its gastronomic menu, Ashark Club is a hub to first class state of the art event rooms just like where we ate! Each room provides a modern KTV entertainment experience – you’ll love it!

Giving the KTV a try!

Of course – we HAD to give the KTV a test run. Ashark Club houses four (4) of these awesome KTV rooms with huge LED screens, seven (7) VIP rooms for business meetings and its all so spacious.

Lovely swarovski details!

Singing our hearts out to Taylor Swift!

A restaurant covering around 1600 square meters is definitely top standard among all Chinese clubs in the metro.

Lovely interiors inside the VIP rooms

Visit Ashark Club at the 2nd level of Golden Phoenix Hotel in Pasay City. For more information, follow them on Instagram via @asharkclub and check out their official website

Faux Pas Paris embellished flats | Photo by Ryan Ong

Try it out if you’re looking for a yummy dining experience or a fun KTV session!


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