Because Clean Is The New Sexy

Our moms can’t stress it enough whenever they remind us about proper hygiene. Keeping it clean in all the right areas is a MUST especially nowadays wherein the weather is so humid and we are more prone to germs. To fight it, I recently joined a movement – Clean Is The New Sexy with BETADINE®!


In Intercontinental Hotel, Makati | Hosted by Karla Aguas

It’s all about Girl Power as the ladies of BETADINE® Feminine Wash showed us the importance of keeping clean in our feminine area. We’ve probably heard it before that you must use it during the red days but did you know that BETADINE® must actually be used twice a week? During the red days or not, our feminine area is prone to infections and itch. What more whenever we wear tight clothing such as skinny jeans and shorts?


BETADINE® Feminine Wash | I Do It Twice A Week Campaign

BETADINE® has an ideal pH range that’s hypoallergenic and it doesn’t dry the feminine area. Aside from its non-drying properties, it gives relief from when you get itching down there during your period, pregnancy, or menopause, and relief during external irritation from vaginal infections. Ask your OB-gyne about it because it’s definitely a doctor-trusted antiseptic feminine wash! Simply use it twice a week and you can count on BETADINE® to kill bacteria which causes odor, itchiness, and irritation under there.


BETADINE® Feminine Wash Be Sexy Clean promo

Aside from keeping clean, we also love getting our regular mani pedis and facials. Good thing BETADINE Feminine Wash partnered up with like-minded brands in the Be Sexy Clean promo! Simply present your Betadine Feminine Wash 100ML box and receipt as proof of purchase and you can instantly get get 20% discount on Flawless All Natural Ultimate White Facial and Cell Booster Infusion Mask and 10% off on all Posh Nails services. Cool, right?


I learned so many new things at the BETADINE® event and I’m proud to join the Sexy Clean Revolution! I do it twice a week which is why I feel cleaner, more confident and of course – sexy in my own skin! So come join the movement because ladies, clean is the new sexy! For more information, visit their website at­care.

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