Bigger and Better: Bloggers United Kicks Off 8th Year with OLX!

Yuki Tansengco Bloggers United 8

An Interactive Shopping Affair

Years before I started blogging, I admired these people, browsing through their style blogs and wishing I had mine. Now, I get to join them and be part of Bloggers United on its 8th year!

Yuki Tansengco Bloggers United 8

Bloggers United 8

The Bloggers United team always finds way to top off the previous year and on the 8th year, we’ve partnered up with OLX to bring you a bigger & better shopping experience!

Yuki Tansengco Bloggers United 8

in Whitespace, Makati

When I started to blog, I honestly wasn’t aware of the doors it would open for me. I was just a bored student in college, eager to share my ukay finds and style combinations. Little did I know that would be just the tip of the blogging iceberg! 

Yuki Tansengco Bloggers United 8

Mango red patent bag | SM accessories beige floppy hat

If there’s one thing rewarding about blogging: it’s being able to meet your readers. It’s about knowing you’ve helped them in at least a small way to make a decision whether in dressing up or purchasing a new product. So if you’re reading this now, THANK YOU. :) You inspire me to keep writing and to keep sharing! 

Yuki Tansengco Bloggers United 8

Gel nails by Gionyx Hair & Nail Salon

This is why I love Bloggers United! It’s an interactive shopping affair wherein the readers can meet their favorite bloggers. But WAIT – there’s more! They even get to SHOP their closet at the most affordable prices!

Yuki Tansengco Bloggers United 8

Hosting with Cher Lui Pio

I was given the privilege to host (again!) this super fun event and this time, with my I Am Meg baby, Cher! We even played games like “Price is Right” wherein the readers had to guess how much the bloggers were selling an item for. Some would go for as low as Php100!

Yuki Tansengco Bloggers United 8

Zimmermann wide legged jeans

I sold a lot of my clothes – denim jumpers, sweaters and dress for only Php200! Since all the items in the other bloggers’ booth were SO affordable, I ended up shopping a bit also! In Kookie Buhain’s booth to be exact. The BU8 x OLX team also gave out prizes including an iPhone 6! Lucky girl won it! :)

Yuki Tansengco Bloggers United 8

Bangs by Julius of Felipe & Sons

We are SO thankful for the perfect weather that Sunday and it was such a pleasure meeting blog, Twitter and Instagram friends! A lot of people mentioned my bangs too – and it’s all thanks to Julius of Felipe & Sons. Don’t be afraid to try new things ;)

Yuki Tansengco Bloggers United 8

SABRINA Jaime white slit top by Teena Tan

Opted for a comfy 90’s inspired boho outfit to wear to Bloggers United and this top perfectly compliments it! Check out SABRINA on Facebook to see more designs! 

Yuki Tansengco Bloggers United 8

Yuki Tansengco

Thank you to everyone who attend BU8 and who dropped by our booth. Can’t wait to see old and new faces in Bloggers United 9! :)



(Photos (c) of My Style Cat)