Z-Lasik Eye Surgery With Shinagawa: Procedure, Recovery and FAQs

No Filter: My Lasik Eye Surgery Experience

I was the girl who’d always ask to be seated in front of the class room. Ever since Grade 5, I found myself squinting uncomfortably at the dirty chalkboard or OHP slide so my mom and I finally had my vision checked and knew I needed my first pair of prescription glasses. With an eye grade of -2.5 to -2.75, I’ve been wearing glasses for almost 10 years now and I can’t even explain how happy I felt when I told myself, “Time to get lasik surgery.”

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Sweater Weather

Sun protection on a cloudy day: Ya or nah?

Although it’s not as much as we expected, it’s been moderately rainy in Manila. I find myself scavenging for light knits and sweaters to cover up but here’s the question – do we still need to lather up on the sun protection?

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Daily Make-Up Routine + Pop Beauty GIVEAWAY

I can never hear this enough from my make-up artist friends – the best foundation for any make-up look is clean skin and a good base/primer. I’m sharing with you my 3-step routine for a *hopefully* perfect complexion and I’m so excited to be share with you guys that I’ll be hosting my FIRST giveaway on this new redesigned blog.

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The Golden Secret To A Fab Blow Out

Aside from my fashion choices, there is also one part of me that is always changing – my hair! I love trying new things such as a new cut, hair treatments and different hair colors. Life is too short to have boring hair, right? Let me show you how I quickly style my hair – damage-free!

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Skinteresting New Products

On my recent trip to Hong Kong, I was fascinated by the wide array of products inside their drugstores. I picked up a pack of pimple stickers (yes, those exist) cos I was badly breaking out and I bought an extra one cos I thought we didn’t have it here. Behold! Watson’s makes it accessible for us with these exclusive products and help us solve our skincare concerns!

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