All tied up

Seen on international runways, celebrities (Kim K boxer braids, anyone?) and glossies – multi-braids have definitely made a twisted comeback this year as one of the hottest hair trends. You can see this look dressed up in heels or in sweats but one thing’s for sure – you gotta wear it with a lot of attitude!

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Work and Play | A 2-in-1 Asus Transformer Book T300FA Review

2-in-1 Asus Transformer Book

All too recently, my 2008 laptop gave up on me and I was hoping to find an equally efficient laptop but also (and probably more importantly!), I wanted it to be affordable. I’ve been hearing good reviews about Asus laptops so I wanted to know more about it and actually try it out. I’ve been using the Asus Transformer Book T300FA for a week now, so keep reading if you want to know my thoughts about it. PS: it’s not called 2 in 1 for nothing! ;)

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A Must-Do Night Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin

Nightly Ritual: My Skin Care Routine
I have this terrible habit of staying up late – which I used to think was the reason for my bad skin. I tried everything to improve it but nothing seemed to work. While it’s (fairly) common knowledge that going to bed without washing your face is unacceptable, I never really knew what a proper “Night Skincare Routine” was. Basically, it’s tailored to your own situation. New skin cells grow faster while you sleep, so a good evening facial routine should be a high priority. At night, the goal is to repair damage from the day’s pollution, sun and stress, as well as to hydrate since you lose more water from your skin. Read on my tips!
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Z-Lasik Eye Surgery With Shinagawa: Procedure, Recovery and FAQs

No Filter: My Lasik Eye Surgery Experience

I was the girl who’d always ask to be seated in front of the class room. Ever since Grade 5, I found myself squinting uncomfortably at the dirty chalkboard or OHP slide so my mom and I finally had my vision checked and knew I needed my first pair of prescription glasses. With an eye grade of -2.5 to -2.75, I’ve been wearing glasses for almost 10 years now and I can’t even explain how happy I felt when I told myself, “Time to get lasik surgery.”

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Sweater Weather

Sun protection on a cloudy day: Ya or nah?

Although it’s not as much as we expected, it’s been moderately rainy in Manila. I find myself scavenging for light knits and sweaters to cover up but here’s the question – do we still need to lather up on the sun protection?

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