How To Remedy A Sweaty Situation

Living in a tropical country, I always find myself combing for pieces in my closet that I can easily move in. I look for the loose tops, breezy Sunday dresses and anything that is sleeveless. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned. Even on the hottest days, I sometimes get dyahe to wear sleeveless. I also feel like I sweat more than other people so I get super conscious when I’m about to do an extraneous task or whole day errands.

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Know Why Papa P Likes Silka Papaya

             Two of the country’s brighteststars – Piolo Pascual and Iya Villania They say we always long for something that we don’t have. If youlook around, there is no doubt that we have a wide selection of whiteningproducts. Being in a tropical country wherein the […]


My YSA Love Story: Episode 1 – Getting To Know You

My YSA Love Story Taking care of your skin is like having a relationship. In order to address your issues properly, you need to first: sit down, assess the situation and most importantly, make time for it! Your skin might not be saying something out loud but it SHOWS when […]