Shoe DIY: A Fashion Faux Pas You Should NOT Avoid

One Shoe, Multiple Outfits

The weather lately has been extremely unpredictable and the last thing I want is to wear the wrong shoes and potentially get drenched. How do we plan which pair to wear without knowing the forecast? Easy. Get a stylish pair that can also brave Manila rains. Introducing Faux Pas Paris – a shoe brand made from eco-friendly PVC material that you can DIY (Design It Yourself!)

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Closet Downsizing Tips for a Lean 2016

What.. It’s almost March?

The first quarter of the year means wanting to get rid of the old and make a whole lot of room for the new and exciting. This year, we don’t only want to suggest which items in your closet to get rid of and what to keep. We’ve laid out a handful of tips to make sure you don’t fall into the same fashion faux pas patterns and habits in 2016, and for the next years to come – for good!

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It’s About Time: TIMEX Launches First Ever Concept Store!

It’s About Time

I truly believe that accessories play a big role in ones outfit. May it be a bracelet, necklace – or a timeless looking watch. I love collecting timepieces and most of the classic designs I own come from TIMEX. If you love this brand as much as I do, you’re in luck because TIMEX just launched their first ever concept store and new designs!

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Rock And Metal: RAM Jewelry launches in Manila!

Rock and Metal

Like what I said in my previous post, a sure-fire way to make an outfit your own is to ACCESSORIZE! Don’t be afraid to wear statement pieces or stack it all up. Most recently, I came across a jewelry brand that is so sleek, you can pile on the pieces together or wear it alone. Ladies (and gents?), check out my latest discovery – RAM Jewelry!
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British-inspired, Locally Made – Meet Chelsea!

Afternoon high tea with Brit-inspired clothing label Chelsea

Yuki and I attended the Chelsea launch last Tuesday at the Fairmont hotel and it was a celebration of both the brand and its designer, Kim Tugade. To add to the awesomeness, Benefit cosmetics was an event partner and showed off the perfect tools to match Chelsea’s style. 

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