Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Launches Newest Flavor!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sets a sweet tone for 2017!
I personally prefer Ice Blended drinks over lattes/coffees so when I heard about the newest drink, I definitely wanted to get it cold! Most recently, CBTL has come up with a new concoction to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Mister Potato Takes Snacking To A Whole New #ItsPurplelicious Level!


If there is one thing I am addicted to – it’s definitely snacks. I am addicted to always munching on something – especially when it comes to road trips and traveling. Most recently, Malaysia’s no. 1 brand of potato snack, Mister Potato, launched a breakthrough product in the Philippines which dares to be different – it is actually PURPLE! Can you guess what flavor?

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My 6 Super Finds in Landers!

Newest shopping destination

Just like my taste in style, I am always on the lookout for products that are unique and instantly eye-catching. I’m a sucker for groceries – even when I’m traveling, I always delegate A TRIP to the local grocery store because I love things we don’t normally see anywhere. So I was excited when the newest grocery heaven, Landers Superstore, opened – here are my 6 favorite finds!

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Pursuing Your Passion VS Financial Stability – How?

Pursuing your Passion Without Going Broke

In life, we need 3 things: a career that generates income for our basic needs, a passion project – an activity we love doing that drives us insanely happy but necessarily doesn’t need to generate income and something we are good at – like SUPER good at. So the million dollar question is – can we actually earn and generate income from projects we are passionate about? I learned a few cool things from Security Bank so let me share with you.

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Wine Tasting 101: Going Back To School

A Newly Discovered Place To Wine and Dine in BGC

Ever since, I usually decline alcohol (when offered) only because I wasn’t fond of how it tasted. The declined drinks range from shots (especially), cocktails (so-so) and (ha – I’ve been missing out) wine. Delicious wine I’ve been missing out on. So when I heard about “Wine Night” happening over at Restaurant 101 to launch their newest menu – I was quite excited about it. Food and wine? Yes please.

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