5 Shopping Tips For Bazaars in Metro Manila!

Let’s face it – Filipinos are naturally bargain hunters. We love it when we feel like we’ve combed through each bazaar stall, leaving with the contentment of nabbing the best deals. I’ve been to so many bazaars so I really do think that I’ve gathered enough shopping tips that I’d love to share with you!

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All Washed Up | Top 5 Beach Essentials

Oh, buoy!

Summer’s around the corner so it’s time to whip out your bikinis, scout for maxi dresses and dust off those cute sandals you kept dry during the rainy reason. To be prepared, here are my top 5 beach essentials. P.S. Watch out for the Skincare must-haves soon! ;)

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Top 5 Must-Haves in the Bag and Accessory Department

You walk in an event then you think, “OMG – I am wearing the exact dress as her, from Forever 21!” What’s a sure fire way to save you from that fashion blunder? Simple – accessorize. May it be with a skinny scarf or a cute necklace, accessorizing is a way to make any outfit your own.

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Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe

Glam Aswang

Seriously – these months are going by TOO fast. Can you believe it’s almost November already?! Too fast I tell ya. Our most anticipated spooky event of the year is happening this weekend – halloween! Here’s how to whip up a costume real quick ++ parties to be in this weekend!

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Thoughts (and outfit) When I Watched Heneral Luna

I never thought a movie could move me so much that here I am crafting a blog post about it and it’s almost midnight. We have seen a lot of great movies (most, international, I’m pretty sure) but not all will leave you applauding right after the movie and better yet – call you to action. That’s exactly what happened after I watched “Heneral Luna” by Jerrold Tarog.

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