Lace-ing Around in La Union

If there are maternal/paternal and sick leaves, if I were to have it my way, I would make sure everyone will be entitled to a “beach leave.” There is just something with this scenery that makes me feel overjoyed and praying for time to go slower. With every beach trip, comes with your perfect lazy beach outfit. Here’s mine!

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A Taste of Italy in The Venetian Macao

When In Macau

Known as the gambling capital of Asia or the “Oriental Las Vegas”, Macau is quick ride from Hong Kong and is definitely something to tick off your bucketlist. The weather is lovely and the chain of luxury hotels give lots of room for exploration!

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Into The Hoods

Sometimes, I get drawn to bright or pastel colors but at the end of the day,  I always find myself drawn back to my first love: Neutrals. Here’s to kickin’ it with the khaki!

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Little Frenchie School Girl

Daily uniform

It might have been that Britney Spears video circa the 90’s which made school uniforms look so cool – I’m one of the girls who never moved on.

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Sweater Weather

Sun protection on a cloudy day: Ya or nah?

Although it’s not as much as we expected, it’s been moderately rainy in Manila. I find myself scavenging for light knits and sweaters to cover up but here’s the question – do we still need to lather up on the sun protection?

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