A Taste of Italy in The Venetian Macao

When In Macau

Known as the gambling capital of Asia or the “Oriental Las Vegas”, Macau is quick ride from Hong Kong and is definitely something to tick off your bucketlist. The weather is lovely and the chain of luxury hotels give lots of room for exploration!

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One Wardrobe Piece You Should Invest On

Packing for international trips can be tricky. You have limited luggage space so you have 2 thoughts: 1. I need to pack all my clothes – how to make it fit? and 2. I need to make space for *unexpected* shopping sprees. The answer: Invest in one good coat!

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How To Take Pedestrian Photos in Mongkok, Hong Kong

Imagine a busy road – pedestrians rushing from left to right. On the third day of my Hong Kong trip, I finally figured out what to do to take a good pedestrian photo. It’s so simple you won’t believe it!

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6 Tips For Shooting Street Fashion

I received a lot of questions during my last trip to Hong Kong and most if it was: “Who takes your photos???” Yes, including the multiple question marks. Guess who? Sharing with you a quick crash course on Street Style Photography 101 ;)

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