One Wardrobe Piece You Should Invest On

Packing for international trips can be tricky. You have limited luggage space so you have 2 thoughts: 1. I need to pack all my clothes – how to make it fit? and 2. I need to make space for *unexpected* shopping sprees. The answer: Invest in one good coat!

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How To Take Pedestrian Photos in Mongkok, Hong Kong

Imagine a busy road – pedestrians rushing from left to right. On the third day of my Hong Kong trip, I finally figured out what to do to take a good pedestrian photo. It’s so simple you won’t believe it!

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6 Tips For Shooting Street Fashion

I received a lot of questions during my last trip to Hong Kong and most if it was: “Who takes your photos???” Yes, including the multiple question marks. Guess who? Sharing with you a quick crash course on Street Style Photography 101 ;)

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