How To Style Your Maillot

Maillot Madness

Either brand new or inherited from mom’s closet, maillots or one-piece swimsuits can be a bit tricky to style. Hopefully this post will help you how to style that pretty maillot!

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An Unexpected Day Trip To Sandbar Resort, Cebu

Enjoying Cebu with Kara and Kate Yu

Long distance relationships may be quite difficult but there is always a bright side with having friends who live far away – you get to visit them and when you do, they’ll be your number one tour guide! Recently, work had brought me to Cebu so I quickly asked my friends where is a MUST VISIT place – this is one of them.

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A Nerve-ROCKing Experience in Mt. Maculot, Cuenca Batangas

I used to think that “hiking” simply meant putting on a sporty attire and walking on a straight path for an hour or two. Boy, I was proven wrong this weekend. The climb is tough – but indeed, the view is worth it. I have never done this before so Mt. Maculot is my first ever mountain to “conquer” – here’s how it went.

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Into The Woods

Transitioning from your summer wardrobe to city girl dressing? Don’t put back your swimsuits in the closet just yet.

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A Secret Paradise in Dagupan, Pangasinan

More than just bangus – is the feeling that I got as I spent 2 days exploring Dagupan, Pangasinan. I don’t want to sound naive but Dagupan is popularly known for its “Bangus Festivals” and their delicious seafood but really, they have so much more to offer to the curious cats like me – a secret paradise.

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