Lace-ing Around in La Union

If there are maternal/paternal and sick leaves, if I were to have it my way, I would make sure everyone will be entitled to a “beach leave.” There is just something with this scenery that makes me feel overjoyed and praying for time to go slower. With every beach trip, comes with your perfect lazy beach outfit. Here’s mine!

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Wave Hello To Affordable Activities in La Union (+ Commute Details)

No strangers

I’m the girl who’s always down for an adventure and there is no better time to plan one than during a long weekend. Last August, we had TWO (2!!!) long weekends so I was more than excited to tick off La Union on my bucketlist. Heading up to LU is more affordable than you think!

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5 Things To Expect In Mount Pinatubo

A Walk To Remember

The world’s second largest eruption – right here on this volcano. Ever since Mt Pinatubo erupted in 1991, the used-to-be obscured mountain is now a popular tourist destination┬áhere in the Philippines. Last weekend, I visited this beautiful location filled with remnants of ash deposits and lahar – what an experience!

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How To Style Your Maillot

Maillot Madness

Either brand new or inherited from mom’s closet, maillots or one-piece swimsuits can be a bit tricky to style. Hopefully this post will help you how to style that pretty maillot!

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An Unexpected Day Trip To Sandbar Resort, Cebu

Enjoying Cebu with Kara and Kate Yu

Long distance relationships may be quite difficult but there is always a bright side with having friends who live far away – you get to visit them and when you do, they’ll be your number one tour guide! Recently, work had brought me to Cebu so I quickly asked my friends where is a MUST VISIT place – this is one of them.

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