Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Launches Newest Flavor!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sets a sweet tone for 2017!
I personally prefer Ice Blended drinks over lattes/coffees so when I heard about the newest drink, I definitely wanted to get it cold! Most recently, CBTL has come up with a new concoction to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bistro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Starting the year right with the decadent mix of Hazelnut and Chocolate goodness
TA-DAAA! Check out the newest flavor of CBTL – Hazelnut Chocolate Latte and Ice Blended! I was sooo excited to try it out. When I did, it surely did not disappoint.

Get it off to a sweet start with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s newest offering, the Hazelnut Chocolate latte and Ice Blended beverages
This drink is the perfect comfort beverage you can get — a decadent mix that has the bold flavor of roasted hazelnuts, blended with rich chocolate goodness in a base of expertly brewed coffee. This beverage offers a creamy, exciting taste that inspires tasteful thoughts to take over your new year.
Here are the prices:
Hazelnut Chocolate beverage –
 as a hot latte (Small, Php 145; Regular, Php 160; Large
Php 175)
as an Ice Blended® drink (Regular, Php 175;
Large Php 195)
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Happy new year! Start the year right! ;)