The Curious Cat Travel Guide 2018: Our 4-Day Siargao Itinerary (For Non-Surfers)

Dubbed as the “Surfing Capital of The Philippines”, Siargao has gained attention for its powerful waves, lush greenery and clear waters. Located in Mindanao, this beautiful island is also a home to exciting activities and sights that will cater to non-surfers/non-swimmers. I may or may not know how to swim but I love the beach so much. So if your crew is looking for a place to go this year – here is my 4-day Siargao travel itinerary!

DAY 1 – Settle in resort & Cloud9 Beach

Sandy Feet Resort in Siargao

Iris booked us a vila in Sandy Feet Siargao. Stay tuned for my next post to see my thoughts on it! As soon as we landed in Sayak Airport, we went straight to the resort to settle in.

Hello, Siargao!

First off – let’s start with flights! There are daily direct flights to Siargao via SkyJet Airlines and Cebu Pacific or you can take Philippine Airlines but it will pass thru Cebu. On this trip, my girls and I took Cebu Pacific!

How To Get There (From Manila)

Name of Airport: Sayak Airport (IAO)

Distance from Sayak airport to General Luna: Around 20 minutes

Mode of Transportation and Estimated Cost: From the airport, there were van transfers waiting and if my memory serves me right, we paid Php150-200 per person going to our resort in Sandy Feet. Not bad! On the rest of the days, we took the tricycle!

Highlights: Siargao island hopping, yummy food/resorts and surfing (for those who do)

Insider Tip: Book your accommodations waaay in advance and book flights early too because the planes can only take around 80 passengers.

Sinigang na liempo from Harana Surf

There are lots of yummy dinner places in Siargao. I highly recommend restaurants such as Harana Surf, Kermit, Bravo or Kalinaw. These are the ones highly suggested on TripAdvisor!

Cloud 9 Beach sunset

On our first day, we arrived in the resort around 3pm already. It was too late to do any tours so we just did the grocery to buy snacks/water. Afterwards, we headed to Cloud9 Beach and watched the sunset. So beautiful!

Cloud 9 Beach

DAY 2 – TRIP TO DEL CARMEN (Sugba Lagoon & Mapupungko)

Sugba Lagoon

On the second day, we grabbed breakfast at our resort – Sandy Feet. We booked a tour to take us to Sugba Lagoon and Mapupungko that cost us Php 5,330 for three persons (Php 1,777 each). Although these costs do not include lunch and the paddle board rental but nevertheless, it’s still a pretty good deal!

Hidden Lagoon | Sugba Lagoon

From Sandy Feet resort in General Luna, we did a 1-hour trike rental to Del Carmen. From there, we took a boat to Sugba Lagoon. You pay a small entrance fee to Sugba Lagoon and bring extra for the paddle boat rental. You can opt to head to Mapupungko Rock Formation first too – it depends if its low tide.

Iris Maligat, Nica Eala and Yuki Tansengco | Paddle board in Sugba Lagoon

Escape to the beauty of this lagoon

Just keep swimming

Side trip to Kahuwagan Island in Siargao

As we were heading back from Sugba Lagoon, our boatman highly suggested we pass by this island. I’m so glad we did because there was a sandbar, the sand was powdery white and it was just amazing.

Kahuwagan Island

in Del Carmen, Siargao

Since both are located in Del Carmen, you can simply take another trike ride to Mapupungko Rock Formation.

Mapupungko Rock Formation

For an entrance fee of Php50, enjoy this natural infinity pool with no wave intrusion – but make sure you go during low tide. I saw a sea urchin when we went so I highly suggest to wear proper beach footwear as well, as the rocks can be sharp and slippery.

Personalized Style Cat bamboo case by Funk Trunk PH

Pretty palms everywhere!

Low tide at the Mapupungko Rock Formation

DAY  3 – SIARGAO ISLAND HOPPING (Guyam, Daku and Naked Island)

Private boat ride for a 3-Island Hopping (Naked Island, Daku and Guyam)

For this island hopping, we booked a tour to take us to 3 islands and it cost us Php 5,330 for three persons (Php 1,777 each) – on a private boat! If you’d like to book these same tours, simply text Kuya Loyding at 0905 605 4600.

Guyam Island | Suit from Soak Swimwear

Guyam Island | Dress: Soak Swimwear Bag: Style Cat

Out of the 3 islands, the one that I enjoyed the most is Guyam Island. Naked Island and Daku were beautiful too but I enjoyed the feel of Guyam island the most!

Guyam Island | Nica Eala

DAY 4 – Go home!
On our last day, we booked a noon flight with Cebu Pacific so we grabbed breakfast at the resort then headed back to Sayak Airport. A tip I can share is bring a lot of cash because there are limited ATMs/cash machines. Even pay your lodging in advance or bring cash for it. For a 4-day itinerary, safe to bring pocket money of Php3,000 per person (after paying lodging, tours, etc) and have a “trike fund” among your friends.

Photos by Roy Jurado

Special thanks to a new friend we made in Siargao – Roy! He was kind enough to be our tour guide AND photographer – that’s why I have all these photos to share with you today. Also, to my brilliant kabarkada Iris Maligat for being so organized, arranging this trip and MAKING this itinerary! :)

I hope you enjoy your Siargao trip as much as I did!

Stay curious,