When In Davao: Boat Over To Club Samal Resort!

When in Davao

Most recently, I flew to Davao to celebrate their much-awaited Kadayawan Festival. It’s a whole weekend of festivities, busy street parades, arts and crafts exhibits and of course – a trip to Davao is not complete without a visit to their nearby beach called Samal Island. On my last trip, I got to check out this newly opened resort called Club Samal Resort and this just might be your favorite weekend getaway to date.

Samal Island, Davao

If you’ve never been to Davao, Samal Island is a very popular tourist attraction for both locals and weekenders because of how easily accessible it is from the city. You can opt to go for a day tour or (if I were you), spend a night in this cozy resort. Here are quick facts about Club Samal!

How to get there (from Manila): 

Name of Airport: Davao International Airport

Distance of Club Samal from Davao city: Around 10-15 minutes via boat ride

Mode of Transportation and Estimated Cost: Take a boat from Davao city pier for Php30 and the costs depend if you want to do a day trip or overnight in Club Samal

Club Samal Highlights: The resort, food, beach and pool amenities

Insider Tip: Take lots of photos cos this resort is SO pretty!!! 

On the ferry en route to Samal Island!

Yuki Tansengco, Pat and Jen Gaisano

The ferry ride to Samal Island had a moderate waiting time of 15-20 minutes (waiting for the boat) but the ride itself was a breeze. It wasn’t too crowded and you are greeted with the lovely view of Samal Island as it docks to the shore.

Hello, Club Samal!

From the Samal Island dock, we were picked up by our gracious host, Christine Bangayan and headed to Club Samal which was around a 5 minute drive away. We were all smiles as soon as we arrived in the resort! The fresh blue and white interiors was the perfect colors to blend with the lovely environment. The resort is so clean!

Lovely viewing deck overlooking the pool

Club Samal 

If you have an upcoming trip to Davao and already booked your accommodation – you should totally do a day trip to Club Samal. That’s what I did – we left Davao city around 10AM, had lunch there and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the pool and left around 4PM.

Here are the rates for a day tour:

Club Samal Day Tour Pass (from 8:00am to 5:00pm)

Day Tour with Lunch – Php950/head

Day Tour with Snacks (if you enter after 12:30PM) – Php750/head

Children (Below 3 feet) w/ kiddie meal – Php475/head

*Infants below 2 years old are free!

**Food and Drinks from outside Club Samal are not permitted

Suit from Georgina Sasha | Bag from Style Cat 

For this trip, I brought my Uluwatu tote from Style Cat cos it was roomy enough to bring my day trip essentials.

Go for a day tour or an overnight trip to Club Samal

Club Samal Deluxe Rooms (Available in twin and king size)

We did a resort tour and checked out the rooms – they’re quite spacious and very clean so I will definitely consider doing an overnight in Club Samal on my next trip. Club Samal offers Deluxe rooms with Twin or King sized beds. Here are the updated rates if you plan to spend a night in Club Samal!

*These rates are effective if you book your stay for September 1 to October 29 2017


Deluxe Rooms  – Php4,000  / NIGHT






      These rates already include breakfast for two (2)!

* Rates are based on two guests.

* Twin rooms can accommodate up to 4 guests.

* Infants below 2 years old are free of charge.

** Extra guests will be charged 1200/head

** Extra guest for child is Php600/child w/ Kiddie Breakfast

Photos by Christine Bangayan

One of the things I love about Club Samal is how “instagrammable” the whole place is. From its white and blue interiors to the cute cushions by the pool – you’ll definitely find a spot thats IG-worthy!

Club Samal event area on the third level

Earrings from Crystal Seas (Bought in Chimes) | Style Cat bag

Shirt from Skoop available in Urban Atheltics

Holiday Oceanview Marina | Dress from Facile Clothing

From Club Samal, we did a quick day tour to Holiday Oceanview Marina to see the boats docked. Thank you Christine for hosting us! We had such a great time :)

Poolside view of Club Samal

Club Samal Resort is definitely a nice venue to go to with family or friends so make sure to check it out when you find yourself in Davao. To make your Club Samal booking, you can head over to Cebu Pacific Ticketing offices located in Gmall of Davao, Sm Lanang ,Sm City, Victoria Plaza if you’re based in Davao. You may also call  +639976079243 for reservations.

Enjoy! :)



(Photos (c) Style Cat)