Denim DIY 101: Rip and Repair (in less than 20 minutes!)

We all want one: a pair of rugged, ripped ala-boyfriend jeans that has a comfortable fit. Let me show you how to achieve that vintage-y worn out look with a NEW pair of jeans: a tutorial from materials to the (very quick!) process.  Rip away!


Step 1: Let it rip!

With the help of LEE Jeans, I learned how to DIY my own pair of ripped jeans under 20 minutes. I’ve tried to do this back in college with a patch of sandpaper and a needle to manually seperate the threads  – it took me FOREVER. Thankfully, I learned a few new tricks at the LEE Denim DIY event so let me share with you.

Lee Denim DIY at the Mall of Asia

Last Friday, LEE Jeans hosted a denim DIY event. Everyone was so helpful from choosing the right fit of the jeans down to customizing. First things first, here are the materials you’ll be needing should you want to try to do this at home:

1. Hand drill with attachments (show in the toolbox above)

2. Metal brush

3. Accessories (marking chalk, tape measure, pins)


Hand Drill with sandpaper attachment (13 minutes)

You can purchase a mini hand drill at Ace Hardware for around Php1,000. This is the coolest thing I learned – you can achieve the partially ripped (ripped but with white threads showing) effect by using the sandpaper attachment on a hand drill. Very lightly, turn on the hand drill and place it on the area you want to rip. Not too close so the white threads won’t break.


Metal Brush and face mask (Photo from Kimberly Bles) (5 minutes)

Another important tool in our DIY project – this metal brush that you can also pick up in your local hardware. Once you use the sandpaper to drill the top layer of the denim, gently brush out the white threads towards one direction. Don’t forget to wear a mask cos a lot of fluff comes off when you sand the top layer.


Step 2: Repair (optional)

At the event, there were 2 more stations: Repair and Paint / Monogram. I was happy with my ripped jeans but I was curious about the repair station. Get creative by adding square patches on your jeans if ever you ripped TOO much. It adds to the rugged feel of your pair!


Ta-da! The final product

I decided to add rips on the knee part and a bit below the pocket. I made the look consistent by semi-ripped the pocket edges and random areas. I was so happy when I tried out my new pair of ripped jeans! What do you think?


At the Lee Denim DIY with Cat Arambulo – Antonio

Thank you Lee Jeans Philippines for having us! I personally LOVE the pair of Cat’s ripped jeans and with this post, I hope you try it out for yourself, too! The ripped effect adds this effortlessly cool vibe and a sexy combined with edgy.


Lovin’ the fit from every angle

This dressing booth let you take a peek of your new LEE pair in every angle. My pair is originally straight cut but cuffing the bottoms gives it its “boyfriend jeans” vibe. I can’t wait to overuse this pair so my rips will slightly get bigger!


with Macky Del Rosario of Green Bulb PR (Photo from Kimberly Bles)

Wheee! So that’s how I was able to create a pair of ripped jeans. Let me know if you try it! Would love to see the outcome. For more information, check out LEE Jeans on Facebook or follow them on Instagram via @leejeansphils.


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