How To Get an EasyTrip E-Tag for NLEX

Getting an e-tag/RFID/EasyTrip tag for your vehicle (For NLEX)

Whenever Nick and I go on a road trip, it often makes us wonder why the “RFID” or lane for cars with e-tags is so short while the ones under “Cash” is so long! So I finally decided – the car needs one of those electronic tags. Sharing with you the easy, breezy way how we got ours – in no more than 15 minutes!

With John of Ford Makati

Last December 2017, Nick and I welcome our newest member of the family – Eddy the Explorer! We road tested a lot of cars, thinking which one to get then we decided that the Explorer would be perfect because we love to go on long road trips – plus Nick stands 6″4 so we needed a car that would fit him comfortably. Lol! Many many thanks to Ford Philippines and John of Ford Makati for the smooth transition of purchasing a car.

Taking Eddy for a stroll

To get an EasyTrip e-tag, the steps are very simple! I suggest you have your vehicles tagged instead of always lining up under the “cash” section of the toll gates. Here is the procedure and requirements in getting one:

Step 1:

Take the car when you go (It’s like collecting a village sticker!). The Easytrip office is located in Unit701 Citystate Building, Shaw Blvd., Kapitolyo. It’s literally right before Ynares Gym.

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 6:30pm
Saturday – 8:30am – 4:30pm

You may contact them here if ever you have any questions. I love how they’re open on Saturdays!

Step 2:

Head over to the EasyTrip head office in Pasig (Address stated above). There are plenty of gas stations where you can have your e-tag installed but I reside in Makati and the head office is nearest to me.

Step 3:

Fill out an application form! The car must be named under you and know the plate number / conduction sticker.

Step 4:

Choose if you want to reload your card or connect it to your credit card. I chose the second option and I could also add a ceiling for the charges – so they’re not allowed to charge beyond Php2,000. Option 2 takes 3 working days to input in their system so I temporarily loaded Php500 too. I think Option 2 is better – just cap the charges.

PS. For some reason, there was an error in the EasyTrip system that disabled the “autoreplenish via credit card” option. I was able to manually load our EasyTrip account via Gcash. Here are the simple steps:

1. On your Gcash app, simply click “Pay Bills” > “Transportation” > Easy Trip

2. Simply key in your EasyTrip account number (found on the card they give you)

3. You must load a minimum of Php500 and pay a Php12 convenience fee to Gcash. Super easy!

Download the EasyTrip app (available on iOS and Android) so you can view your EasyTrip balance. Gcash loads my account real time which makes it so convenient!

Step 5:

The EasyTrip team will assist you out to your car, install the sticker-like e-tag and test out.

You’re done! For more information, check out the official EasyTrip website. That’s the easy and quick process. Now I can now line up in the E-pass lane – wuhoo! Let the road trips begin. :)