How To Get an EasyTrip E-Tag for NLEX

Getting an e-tag/RFID/EasyTrip tag for your vehicle (For NLEX)

Whenever Nick and I go on a road trip, it often makes us wonder why the “RFID” or lane for cars with e-tags is so short while the ones under “Cash” is so long! So I finally decided – the car needs one of those electronic tags. Sharing with you the easy, breezy way how we got ours – in no more than 15 minutes!

With John of Ford Makati

Last December 2017, Nick and I welcome our newest member of the family – Eddy the Explorer! We road tested a lot of cars, thinking which one to get then we decided that the Explorer would be perfect because we love to go on long road trips – plus Nick stands 6″4 so we needed a car that would fit him comfortably. Lol! Many many thanks to Ford Philippines and John of Ford Makati for the smooth transition of purchasing a car.

Taking Eddy for a stroll

To get an EasyTrip e-tag, the steps are very simple! I suggest you have your vehicles tagged instead of always lining up under the “cash” section of the toll gates. Here is the procedure and requirements in getting one:

Step 1:

Take the car when you go (It’s like collecting a village sticker!). The Easytrip office is located in Unit701 Citystate Building, Shaw Blvd., Kapitolyo. It’s literally right before Ynares Gym.

Office Hours: 
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 6:30pm
Saturday – 8:30am – 4:30pm

You may contact them here if ever you have any questions. I love how they’re open on Saturdays!

Step 2:

Head over to the EasyTrip head office in Pasig (Address stated above). There are plenty of gas stations where you can have your e-tag installed but I reside in Makati and the head office is nearest to me.

Step 3:

Fill out an application form! The car must be named under you and know the plate number / conduction sticker.

Step 4:

Choose if you want to reload your card or connect it to your credit card. I chose the second option and I could also add a ceiling for the charges – so they’re not allowed to charge beyond Php2,000. Option 2 takes 3 working days to input in their system so I temporarily loaded Php500 too. I think Option 2 is better – just cap the charges.

Step 5:

The EasyTrip team will assist you out to your car, install the sticker-like e-tag and test out.

You’re done! For more information, check out the official EasyTrip website. That’s the easy and quick process. Now I can now line up in the E-pass lane – wuhoo! Let the road trips begin. :)