How To Remedy A Sweaty Situation

Living in a tropical country, I always find myself combing for pieces in my closet that I can easily move in. I look for the loose tops, breezy Sunday dresses and anything that is sleeveless. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned. Even on the hottest days, I sometimes get dyahe to wear sleeveless. I also feel like I sweat more than other people so I get super conscious when I’m about to do an extraneous task or whole day errands.




I’ve tried a lot of deo products in the market – a lot unknowingly contained harmful ingredients. I’m glad I discovered Silka deodorant! I always read the ingredients of any skincare product I use and unlike others, Silka has natural papaya enzymes that help eliminate dead skin cells – revealing brighter, youthful skin.


It really helped when I brought my Silka deodorant with me to Hong Kong. After the long walks, I wasn’t dyahe to remove my coat and stretch my arms after a long day. Aside from eliminating odors, Silka deodorant effectively whitens as early as 7 days! The brand wasn’t kidding when they tell you, “May K Ka Basta Silka”.


This super budget friendly deodorant comes in 4 variants: Silka Papaya Orange, Silka Green Papaya formulated Vitamin E and Provitamin B5), Silka Refreshing (with Vitamin E and Milk Proteins) and Silka Whitening which gently exfoliates and actively whitens.


I’m currently using the blue one and I am super happy with it! With it’s fresh and sleek packaging, it’s SO easy to bring it around especially when traveling!


Aside from the deodorant, I got the chance to try other Silka products, their famour Papaya Line and Green Papaya line in soap and lotion. Stay tuned for another review soon! :)