In Tents Experience in Calaguas, Camarinas Norte

I used to think beach getaways come with a hefty price tag – until this trip proved me wrong. Imagine a secluded island with crystal clear water, white fine powdery sand, no hotels so you will go camping under the stars and eat fresh seafood – what would you say if you could get ALL that for only Php3,500? Well, welcome to Calaguas!


Otilly Reversible neoprene suit

Like the curious cat in me, I had NO idea what I was getting into! I saw some images of Calaguas on the internet and instantly thought, “That looks amazing so I want to go there.” I saw a 2D 1N Calaguas trip being offered by my trusty travel group Vagabond Pinas (I traveled with them to Sagada!) for only Php3500 so without batting an eyelash, I booked a slot. A private van ride to Camarinas Norte 7 hours later and a boat ride to Calaguas another hour, I found myself in P A R A D I S E. IMG_1399

Lola and Daisies Lace Set | Aranaz customized tote

SATURDAY – We arrived on the island shortly before lunch so the sun was at its peak. Like I said, Php3,500 is the all in fee to Calaguas which includes lunch, dinner and breakfast on Sunday. The Vagabond Pinas team has their own chef and I was soo happy when we were served seafood and REALLY good Bicol Express! I kinda hoarded the watermelons for dessert. :-/


with my travel buddy, King Choi

It’s funny because I already set my mind to do this trip alone until King mentioned that he was really planning to hit Calaguas too! What a coincidence – yay to spontaneous travel buddies. I therefore conclude if you and your friend can survive Calaguas together, then your bond can survive ANYTHING. Right, King? Friendship tested and proven! ;)


Ruffled bikini set from Sassa Swimwear 

Everything on the island is so picturesque – every corner, any spot on the beach and even on it’s white powdery sand. I’m glad I packed my new Sassa bikini! I’ve been a loyal Sassa client for their Activewear line ever since my mom required me to wear cycling shorts everytime I wear a dress or skirt. Their latest bikini collection is no less in terms of quality and design! It’s inspired by nature and tropical prints – view the newest collection here. Find out more about them on Facebook, Instagram and their website,!


Gold Tag Neoprene Suit from Eighth Mermaid


Quick hike to the top

It gets really hot between 12-3pm so you’ll definitely find yourself in the shade or a good swim at the beach. The locals mentioned a short trail that leads to an overlooking view of the beach so when it was almost sunset, we checked it out. With Php25, you get to go on this quick 10-minute trail – I was in for a surprise.

IMG_1517 Breathtaking view overlooking Calaguas Island

Thinking: “Can this get any better? Did I just really pay Php3,500 for this piece of heaven?”


Dinner time! Seafood + Liempo = good sleep!

I’m getting hungry as I type this. Aside from the island, I was looking forward to every meal. Dinner was no less with a crab and shrimp dish and juicy liempo. Eat all you can but of course – moderately. Make sure you notify the tour group beforehand if you have any allergies.


Sleeping arrangements – good morning, Calaguas!

No, I do not own a tent. The Vagabond Pinas team pitched the tents for us and all we had to bring was a sleeping mat! How cooool I was able to sleep in a tent – with a possibility of getting eaten by bears. :-> Okay there weren’t bears around. I had an easy breezy sleep and woke up before 6AM! There were lotsa trees so the air was pretty cool.


Soak Swimwear White Neoprene Halter | Crow white culottes

SUNDAY – The group is scheduled to leave the island at 9AM so if you wake up early, you can stroll around and go for a quick swim. Breakfast was yummy, as usual!


No joke – bath time!

I am not scaring you but access to bathrooms are limited on the island. Don’t get me wrong, there are toilets and closed showering areas but if there are other guests, lines can get long. Hmmm – where else can I take a bath? He he he


My Calaguas squad!

Always the best part traveling with Vagabond Pinas – NEW FRIENDS! At the start of the trip, it was just me and my best friend King as we left the island, it’s like we formed a new barkada! These girls and the rest of the group are so fun to be with that I can’t wait to travel with them again. So, where to next? ;)


Having a “Pangako Sa ‘Yo” moment | Twill Cavern off-shoulder


Travel Essentials When In Calaguas:

1. Sun protection – I brought NIVEA sunblock for my face and NIVEA Protect & Bronze to savour the sun. It doesn’t hurt to get a little tan!

2. Facial and wet wipes – This is a MUST. Clean water isn’t easily accessible so you need a Plan B when you really need to refresh. I love this one from NIVEA.

3. Facial wash – And when you find water, then pack a cleanser with you. I’m currently trying out Safeguard Derma Sense cos of my acne.

4. Baby sized everything – toothbrush, toothpaste, and alcohol. We have our essentials but we also need to pack LIGHT.

5. Multi-purpose products – I love Philosophy’s Melon Daiquiri which doubles as shampoo and body wash.

6. Mosquito repellent – incase they want to join you in your tent.

7. Lipstick – you never know who you’ll meet. LOL!

Thank you Vagabond Pinas!

What an amazing trip, really. Couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who was a part of it! Should you want to book, simply text JP Cruz of Vagabond Pinas at 0917 852 2845 and like them on Facebook!

A short clip of our trip | by Vagabond Pinas
Can’t wait to travel with the Vagabond Pinas team again! Always an unforgettable experience. Any questions for me? Ask away!


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