Know Why Papa P Likes Silka Papaya

Silka Press Launch

             Two of the country’s brighteststars – Piolo Pascual and Iya Villania

They say we always long for something that we don’t have. If youlook around, there is no doubt that we have a wide selection of whiteningproducts. Being in a tropical country wherein the majority of the population is
fair-skinned, Pinoys are on the lookout for something to make complexion lighter but
how do we know what products actually work?

Silka Press Launch

                                             Silka Welcomes Papa P!

We’ll know with the ones that surely pass the test the time, of course! Being one of the pioneer players in the whitening industry, there is only moving forward for Silka Skincare! What better way to move forward than to partner with one of the pioneers in the acting industry and welcome Silka’s newest endorser – Piolo Pascual! 

Silka Press Launch

                    Iya and Piolo gamely answer questions from press

Together with Papa P is Silka’s pioneer ambassadors, Iya Villania. Having an active and sporty lifestyle, Iya is always exposed under the sun and it’s harmful effects. She keeps her healthy glow by using Silka and I personally love how she isn’t the typical “white” white – her skin complexion looks natural, a bit fair and healthy! It was also a very intimate press launch wherein they shared about their journey as celebrities and humble beginnings.

Silka Press Launch

                                          Silka treats for everyone

As a treat for ALL The guests, Silka surprised everyone with a Silka welcoming kit including their best sellers and sister companies such as Juicy Cologne and Biogenic Alcohol. I can’t wait to try all the products. I have personally been trying the deodorant – which I’ll post a review later on.

Silka Press Launch

                                     Arisse De Santos and Iya Villania

Here’s a cute shot of Arisse right after the press launch. Piolo and Iya even stayed around to entertain more questions and photo ops – which I appreciate. These two big stars really live up when it comes to being humble! :)

Silka Press Launch

                 The lucky charm of Silka Papaya – for 11 years now!

Iya has been endorsing the brand for quite some time now and she shared how her and Drew personally use Silka in their homes. Haha! I love how the brand chose endorsers who are literally milky white because as cliche as it sounds, beauty is found within. Silka is giving us ways to enhance our features and not change it para healthy looking pa din! :)

Silka Press Launch

              Piolo Pascual with Cosmetique Asia’s COO Mr Janssen Co and Mrs Jane Co

A huge congratulations to Cosmetique Asia and welcome to the Silka family, Piolo Pascual! I’m looking forward to how he’ll be sharing his adventures with Silka :) The Silka success is 12 years and counting!

Silka Press Launch

                                                    Thank you, Silka!

To watch the latest Silka commercial and for more information, Like Silka Skincare on Facebook and follow Silka on Instagram via @silkaskincare! Will post a review of the products soon ;)



                                          (Photos (c) of My Style Cat)