5 Reason to Love and LIVE in Denim

A strong desire for anything denim

“The only thing constant is change.” With the ever-changing trends, I admit it’s quite hard to keep up especially if you have limited closet space and without straining your budget. The solution? When shopping, make sure you keep an eye out for pieces that won’t be going out of style in the next 5 years. Basically, invest in pieces that are classic and one of my favorites is denim.


Live in Denim

  1. Denim (especially jeans) will always be perfect for any season

I am typing this while I am on vacation in Australia and I’m actually wearing denim jeans right now. Here in Sydney, the weather is still cold because winter just ended. Everytime I travel, I always make sure to pack a pair of denim jeans because it’s easy to match and is wearable any day.


Classic styles and trendy cuts

2. You can never go wrong with denim on denim. 

Even if the material has been present decades ago, retail brands always find new ways to recreate denim pieces so even if we have enough, we still find ourselves hoarding new ones. On casual days, I like pairing denim with denim. Rule of thumb when doing that: It’s okay to pair 2 denim pieces that aren’t similiar in shade.


Denim culottes

3. Denim is a good color contrast to pair with

I actually consider denim as on of my “neutral” pieces because it comes in varying shades of blue. Light, dark denim, acid wash, tie dye – these shades are easy to pair with most colors. I was able to attend SM’s Live In Denim event in SM Sta. Mesa wherein the showcased the hottest denim looks – I love this one paired with denim culottes.


SM Live in Denim | SM Sta. Mesa

At the Live in Denim festival, the biggest retail brands like Bench, Kashieca and Folded and Hung showcased their newest pieces and how easy it was to pair them together . The models were stylishly clad in different cuts of denim pieces and the right accessories to match it with.


Light washed jeans

4. You’ll never worry about overwashing or ripping your jeans

Are you always worred about how durable your next fashion purchase will be? Never worry about that when buying denim because no matter waht happens to it, it will always be considered styling. Even if you fade your jeans after a hundred runs in the washing machine or accidentally rip them – they will still be good to go!


Going back stage: A sultry fresh look

Right before the show started, I was able to sneak in backstage to see how the models were preparing for the show. I like how this lovely lady looked sultry but not over the top with the smokey brown eyes look with a natural lip color. For the hair, they were all set in loose beach curls. Perfect!


in SM Sta. Mesa

Denim month is big event for SM malls as they pay tribute to one of the most timeless pieces. Prior to the fashion show, the mall-goers in SM Sta. Mesa were able to DIY their very own denim piece with a minimum purchase. It was indeed a  fun month-long celebration of all things denim!


Dance number by Like Star Dance Group

To hype up the crowd, the event was joined by the Like Star Dance Group dancers clad stylishly in their denim looks. I super enjoyed their performance as they danced to the beat of hip-hop music in between the fashion show. Galing!


Hosted by DJ Barbie of 106.7

Congratulations SM Sta. Mesa for the awesome show! I really enjoyed spending the afternoon seeing the show and the live performances with it.


Live in Denim

5. Most importantly, good denim pieces are affordable!

What I love about SM is they make sure that they’ve got it all for you. All these pieces are available in their malls and the most fun part is, in true SM fashion, the prices are very reasonable and worth every penny! No need to throw out money when you can actually get stylish denim pieces without denting your pocket.


Kashieca denim culottes | orange top

So that’s my top 5 reasons why we should LOVE denim because quite frankly – there is no reason not to! Pictured above is my favorite look from the show.


with the event host Barbie

Thank you SM Sta. Mesa for having us! For more information, like SM Sta Mesa on Facebook and follow them on Instagram via @smcity_stamesa.


Yuki Tansengco

Ang mag-denim ay di biro. ;)


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