All tied up

Seen on international runways, celebrities (Kim K boxer braids, anyone?) and glossies – multi-braids have definitely made a twisted comeback this year as one of the hottest hair trends. You can see this look dressed up in heels or in sweats but one thing’s for sure – you gotta wear it with a lot of attitude!


Watch: Timex | Bomber Jacket: Hail The Label 

Similar to the look of cornrows, boxer braids or as other people call it “Multi-Braids”, add a lot of edge to your look. I recently saw a video on my Facebook wall from the go-to site for hair trends “Off The Pages” as they tried out this look. I immediately got curious and wanted to know if it would suit me.


It’s braiding time!

Some girls like wearing this braided style on both sides of the head but I opted to only do 1 side and curl the remaining part of my hair. I honestly was quite nervous for my new hairstyle and was wondering if it would suit me! My hairstyle turned into something that looks very playful/casual while the wavy-side looks so posh.  Now, where can you wear this?


Style tip: Wear a polished outfit and pair with minimal accessories

I personally find the multi-braid style leaning to a more casual environment so I suggest to balance it out with an outfit that is a few notches above smart casual. It could be a bomber jacket with a silky finish or a pair of structured sunglasses.


Where to wear it:

I could think of countless ways to wear this trend and top of mind would be beach trips, music festivals and activities that require you to keep clear from strands on the face. I love how this style is both functional, effectively keeping hair away from the face, and stylish. Handling marketing, I meet with brands and business owners so depending on the level of formality of the meeting – I think this hairstyle can take a backseat when it comes to a working girl look in a traditional environment but if you’re someone who works in a more creative work setting – then by all means, go for this hairstyle! :)


Style tip: Keep a clean scalp!

To be honest, I was VERY conscious when I had my hairstyle done because you can instantly see my scalp. What if may dandruff? Hassle! To successfully rock this look, it’s very important to have a clean scalp and healthy/shiny hair. Did you know that 92% of people take the best care of their skin or hair BUT only 8% of people take the best care their scalp? How is that when scalp is actually skin, too? The Itchiness and dryness that we sometimes feel in our hair are symptoms of scalp issues without even seeing actual dandruff/flakes. This is why I’m so glad that the NEW Head & Shoulders has 8x smaller micro zinc particles that penetrate deeper into the scalp and with its Tri-Action Scalp Care formula, it’s better in cleansing, protecting and moisturizing the scalp!


Route to a clean scalp | Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh

One of my most trusted product and an avid user of – Head & Shoulders! Out of all the delicious smelling variants, Apple Fresh is my favorite. I love how it effectively removes the visible white flakes with its active micro zinc particles that penetrate the scalp to give you dandruff-free, beautiful hair. Next to Apple Fresh, my favorite is the one with menthol. It gives this INSANELY refreshing feel and my hair feels so clean afterwards!

Multi-Braids: How To Wear It! (Full video)

This is the video I saw on my wall!! Looks great, right? Stay tuned and watch out for more videos on the hottest fashion and beauty trends from “OFF THE PAGES: Your access to turning the latest trends in to your own.”


with my furry feline, Leon

I wonder if Leon will like the multi-braid trend? Hehe. Scalp is skin, too.



(Photos by Jiffrelyn)