My YSA Love Story: Episode 1 – Getting To Know You

YSA Skin and Body Experts

My YSA Love Story

Taking care of your skin is like having a relationship. In order to address your issues properly, you need to first: sit down, assess the situation and most importantly, make time for it! Your skin might not be saying something out loud but it SHOWS when it’s affected. Haha!

YSA Skin and Body Experts

Let the love begin!

I’ve always had this bad, bad habit of playing DERMA at home when I take my acne into my own hands aka popping them. Not anymore! This time, I am paying attention to know how to care for my skin more – with love!

YSA Skin and Body Experts

YSA Skin and Body Experts, The Fort

YSA Skin Care Center has always been at the forefront of cosmetic dermatology and surgery for over 20 years now. One of the pioneers, YSA offers state-of-the-art technology to address its patients’ needs for more convenient and effective dermatological and surgical treatments with no down-time. To keep abreast with the fast changing technology, its medical team comprised of certified dermatologists, plastic surgeons and doctors are sent abroad for various medical conventions, continuous education and hands-on training with foreign medical experts.

YSA Skin and Body Experts

Full Facial Treatment with mask (Php560)

First, I had a consultation with the resident doctor of YSA BGC. She strongly advised to treat my acne so I got a facial! It’s important how you should consult with a doctor first before getting any treatments. Annie of YSA BGC was so gentle and she even gave me advice on how to avoid break-outs. Almost 3 years in her craft, the YSA team are intensively trained and knowledgeable in their field.

YSA Skin and Body Experts

IPL underarm (per session)

Instead of spending money on waxing, why not invest your money in a permanent hair removal treatment? IPL aka Intense Pulse Light uses light to weaken and eventually kill the hair growth in target areas. Ask your doctor or derma about it! You can even call up YSA! This is my first session so I’ll keep you posted. :)

YSA Skin and Body Experts


And one thing the doctor advised me to undergo: wart removal on my finger! Warts are viral, you can pick it up from ANYWHERE. From holding money, dirty places, etc. I thought it wasn’t serious until she told me its contagious so we had to act on it ASAP!

YSA Skin and Body Experts

Warts removal (Php2,128)

The one in blue is the YSA doctor! She is so kind and talked me through everything. Since I couldn’t bear the pain (lol), I requested to get anesthesia for my finger and it’s an additional of Php590. Not bad! Right now, it’s a scab and I’ll show you the progress in a few weeks.

YSA Skin and Body Experts

For maintenance

Here are the products they prescribed for me to treat acne and heal the wound on my finger from the wart removal. Erythromycin and acne lotion plus their famous acne soap. I am using it religiously, as we speak.

YSA July Promo

Good news for you ladies! YSA is giving out discounts this month on selected treatments: including the wart removal I underwent! YSA in the Fort is located across Mind Museum along Burgos Circle. For appointments and inquiries, you may call up 09175137878. For more information, Like YSA skincare on Facebook and follow them on Instagram via @ysaskinandbodyexperts.

YSA Skin and Body Experts

with Ms Rea of YSA, Fort

At YSA, nobody loves you better! So saan ka pa? ;) Thank you Annie, Rea, Gladys and the whole YSA BGC team! You guys were so helpful and nice :) Will definitely visit again! Stay tuned in the upcoming webisodes of my YSA love story! ;)

Stay happy,


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