NIVEA Day 1: The World In An Island

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                              A Closer Look At The Other World of Balesin

I couldn’t explain the feeling when I received a blogger event invite to.. what Balesin? Where’s that? Did I read it right? I was in for a treat when I hit that Google button. I couldn’t believe my first out of town event would be held in this beautiful 500 hectare island inspired and named after some of the most luxurious beach resorts around the world—Mykonos, St. Tropez, the Costa Smeralda, Bali and Phuket. Welcome to Balesin!

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                                            Touchdown, Balesin!

Whoever saw the potential of this island (and developed it!) is pure genius – our view from the plane window shows more than seven kilometers of white-sand beaches. We arrived shortly in just a 20-minute private transfer from Manila to Balesin, departing at 6AM at the CAAP hangar. 

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                                 Yuki Tansengco | Designs by Abby Jocson Tote

This year, leading skincare brand NIVEA, together with ARC PR, invited members of the press, bloggers and influencers to a 3-Day “Come Closer With NIVEA” event at the exclusive island of Balesin to have an up-close experience with the brand. We definitely got more than what we signed up for!

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                 AM Project Paisley maxi dress | SM Accessories floppy hat

Embodying the brand’s personality of fun and summer-ready (not to mention its colors!), there was no better place to have the 3-day event other than in Mykonos Village, Balesin! The brand thought of the set-up SO WELL that when you arrive, it almost seems like they built Mykonos village especially for NIVEA. I mean, look at all the blue and white!

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                                        Home for the next 3 days | Villa 23

Upon arrival, we were immediately issued keys for our villas and I was roomies with Cher Lui Pio! I loved the diverse mix of the event participants which really pushed Cher and I out of our comfort zones and taught us how to build new friendships. We were only two in this beautiful villa!

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                                              Nivea Welcoming Kits

When we got to our rooms, these NIVEA welcoming kits greeted us! What better way to start a vacation than to be FULLY protected from the sun. NIVEA is known to have a wide array of products with effective skincare
solutions that answer people’s specific needs. From body care, face care, lip
care to sun care, the brand prides itself with having one of the most
comprehensive skincare lines in the market today.
I mean, they even have face wipes! So complete.

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                                            View from Villa 23, Mykonos

Aside from coming closer and building relationships, this trip also made me appreciate the unmatched natural beauty our country has to offer. I mean, LOOK AT THAT. We really don’t need to go far or spend a lot to see beautiful places. The Philippines has it all! Except some snow

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                                 Distinctive Blue and White | Mykonos, Balesin

I may or may not have planned my royal blue and white dress to match Mykonos. Haha! After settling in, the group embarked on a 2-hour tour of the island and checked out each village. Funny though, after the tour, I still find myself excitedly going back to Mykonos and I still think it’s the prettiest of all!

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                (L-R) Danika, Alyssa, Cher, Alaysa, Raiza, Michele and Yuki

 Sinking our toes in fine, powdery, white sand – the best feeling! These girls weren’t afraid to get exposed under the sun cos we made sure we dabbed on some sunblock. We all know it by now: SUNSCREEN is a MUST! Whether we’re in Manila or Balesin, our dermatologists and beauty experts have preached the benefits of using sunscreen. Aside from skin cancer prevention, the use of sunscreen also slows down aging.Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco                              

                                  Come Closer With Nivea | Balesin Clubhouse

Speaking of sunscreen, not ALL are created EQUAL. Personally, I have been using Nivea sunblock ever since because 1. It has a high level of SPF and 2. (and most important) the price is right. Its sun care line, NIVEA Sun, is
famed for being the brand of choice for care and protection of skincare
In fact, it was declared as the World’s Number One Sun Care Brand
in terms of retail value. 

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                                              The boys love NIVEA Men

Putting skincare as a priority isn’t only for the girls too, you know! It is a NEED and these guys understand it. Swimmers Nikko Huelgas, Kito Zialcita and Mike Advincula might not always use sunblock but they’ve got their own skincare routines once they hit the shower rooms. David Guison loves the deodorant and JR Isaac of Circuit Magazine knows well how skincare is important.

                                                     Nivea Lip Butter

Now, my NEW discovery during the trip is Nivea’s Raspberry Lip Butter! Aside from it’s delicious sweet smell, it smoothly glides onto my lips and gives moisture. Pero smell pa lang, super SOLD na ako! :D 

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                                                      Balesin Spa

Unplanned and unexpected, my tour buddies and I formed a group we’d like to dub as “BaleSinners”! (Check Instagram under the hashtag #BaleSinners) Lol! More or less, we know of each other or are already friends with before the trip but one thing is for sure: This trip has definitely brought us closer and clingier through the activities Nivea prepared for us.

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                                             Nusa Dua Bar, Bali Village

Next to Mykonos, my favorite village would be the Bali-inspired one. This is where we had our Nivea PR Session “How The Sun Sees You” but I’ll be telling you all about that in my next post so stay tuned!

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                                                       The Balesinners

Namaste! It was indeed a full, fun and crazy first day. Thank you again, Nivea Philippines, ARC PR and the hospitable staff of Balesin Island! I wish I can say I’ll see you soon but it’s only a matter of luck. Haha!! Stay tuned for Day 2! :)

Nivea Come Closer Yuki Tansengco

                                                    Balesin Island

What do you think of the island? What’s your favorite Nivea product that you swear by? Would love to connect with you on my Instagram via @yukitansengco :) For more information, Like NIVEA Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter via @niveaphils.

Come Closer,


                                          (Photos (c) of My Style Cat)