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Yuki Tansengco Fall/Winter Style

in my holiday uniform

In a country wherein we have only 2 seasons, I get pretty jealous when the fall/winter collections come in after July. My favorite brands stock up all the layering pieces you can think of: scarves, coats, hats and wool socks but unfortunately, no cool weather here to wear it – unless it’s the holidays!

Yuki Tansengco Fall/Winter Style

Layering in Manila

I have learned a little cheat sheet when it comes to layering in Manila. Let me know if you agree with me!

Yuki Tansengco Fall/Winter Style

Mango plaid dress | Zara boots | Forever 21 thigh highs

I’ve always wanted to own thigh-high booties but that would obviously be too warm for our climate. Instead, I re-created that look and wore thigh-high cotton socks instead. Avoid material such as wool cos that’ll be too warm!

Yuki Tansengco Fall/Winter Style

Veloci Voyager Watch

The synthetic material of the dress isn’t as warm as it looks. Plus, the length gives a lot of ventilation. Haha! To keep it simple, I paired this look with a Veloci classic Voyager watch. Check out Veloci on Facebook!

Yuki Tansengco Fall/Winter Style

Mango red purse

Since the majority of the outfit is in blue/black, I paired a bright red purse from Mango for a pop of color. What do you think?

Yuki Tansengco Fall/Winter Style

at the Fort Strip

I wore this outfit during the ACER x Yugatech Quiz Night and dressing up in something comfy was a good idea. It was such a fun event – being competitive and seeing familiar faces.

Yuki Tansengco Fall/Winter Style

Ralph Lauren Blazer in Navy

Layering in Manila can be super tricky so make sure you wear pieces that’ll look good alone – or together, like this plaid dress. When it got too warm, I simply removed the blazer. Blazers instantly dress up your look so don’t neglect them just because it looks “too warm” – you can always just let it rest above your shoulders.

Yuki Tansengco Fall/Winter Style

Photos by Vina Guerrero

Thank you Vina for taking these shots! We took them just right when the sun was about to set so it’s kind of dusky. You can check out her style blog here!

Yuki Tansengco Fall/Winter Style

Ralph Lauren blazer | Veloci Voyager | Nails by Gionyx

I love the beaded detail on this blazer. From afar, it really looks like a school’s coat of arms. You can get Ralph Lauren pieces here in Rustan’s! :)

Yuki Tansengco Fall/Winter Style

Yuki Tansengco

Stay tuned for more style ideas on layering in Manila! TGIF! :)



(Photos by Vina Guerrero)