A Rentable Kitchen/Micro Event Space in Makati (with parking!)

Rentable Kitchen in Makati

It’s funny how when we plan barkada gatherings, one of the questions thats first asked is “Where do we eat??” My circle of friends are torn between restaurants (but we’d like to save up!) or houses (but who will host?) – we discovered something cool recently. Check out this post about the rentable kitchen/micro event space just in Makati!

Ringing in 2018 with the fiance!

For the new year, we decided to have our holiday dinner in Seventeen O’ Nine – a lovely rentable kitchen in Makati. It’s a perfect event spot that gives you the liberty to cook your own meals because it provides a fully equipped kitchen and dining area.

Rhea Bue and her Wingstop potluck

As a group, we decided on who’d buy ingredients, who will volunteer to cook and for those who’d like to bring their own potluck contributions of starters, dessert or drinks.

Yummy dry aged steak c/o the bearded butcher Kevin Fernando

For this dinner, it was our good friend Kevin who prepared our main course. Nesi brought our mushroom soup starters – it was a lovely dinner.

Dry aged meat c/o Kevin Fernando

Smize and smeg!

Torched shrimp things

Pattee Cratius, Yuki Tansengco, Rhea Bue and Denise Villanueva

Dinner is ready!

Table runner by Blooms by Agi

Seventeen O’ Nine – Creative Kitchen and Micro Event Space

Rum cake from Valerie’s Kitchen

The gang!

 For more information on Seventeen O’ Nine, check out their official Facebook page or like them via Instagram @seventeen_o_nine :)