Skinteresting New Products

On my recent trip to Hong Kong, I was fascinated by the wide array of products inside their drugstores. I picked up a pack of pimple stickers (yes, those exist) cos I was badly breaking out and I bought an extra one cos I thought we didn’t have it here. Behold! Watson’s makes it accessible for us with these exclusive products and help us solve our skincare concerns!


Exclusively at Watson’s

I was ecstatic to discover these new products. I am always on the look out for new things in the market especially when it comes to beauty. Companies are finding new innovations that your normal lotion now comes in a lot of variants – like the “Rice Collagen” lotion from Avenine! So many new things in the market and I’m glad we don’t have to go too far to buy them.


Watson’s Beauty Box


A masquerade party! | Purederm masks

Bond with your girlfriends while pampering yourself. Watson’s now carries Purederm Age Regenerating and Cell Illuminating Multi-Step Treatment masks that will give you the best skin you’ll ever have. Masks always leave my skin feeling so refreshed!


Kiss your pimples goodbye! | Pimple stickers

This was introduced to me by my best friend Nicole and I was initially skeptical about it. Really? Stickers to cover pimples and they disappear? So she made me try it and I put some on right before I went to bed. Surprisingly, I woke up and pimple sticker effectively did its job. Now, I am a hoarder! :)


Need a Quick FX?

Which one is your favorite Quick FX product? Hmmm? It’s my first time to try it out and I am SO curious about the “Pimple Eraser” variant. It contains Salicylic acid and glycolic acid to help prevent and treat pimples. Let’s see how fast it can erase!


Soothe and moisturize your skin

I read a trick on my friend’s blog that the best way to enjoy this is when you put it inside a fridge! Imagine, putting on eye masks or a gel mask fresh from the fridge? That will feel so cool – literally. I have yet to try it with these two new products exclusively available on Watson’s.


My top 3 favorites – exclusively available in Watson’s!

1. Purederm Facial Mask – They won’t admit it, but a lot of guys like wearing facial masks too.

2. Quick FX No Shine Mattifier – First, I love how the packaging has a re-sealable twist cap. Now, we can avoid rolling sachets and spilling it onto our belongings. Use this before or after applying make-up to smooth out pores and fine lines, absorb facial oil, and get smooth, matte skin!

3. Mia Care Spot Care Patch – I love how it comes in a Day or Night version but I personally can’t imagine myself wearing the patches in broad daylight. This is one is so effective!

I hope you enjoyed! For more information, check out Watson’s on Facebook or Instagram via @watsonsph. Have you tried any of these products? Leave me some lovin’ right below!