Singapore The Second Time Around: 11 Things I Missed Out On

Singapore: An Enchanting Island City

Have you ever been to a place that your experience was not so good so you had zero plans of going back? Honestly, that is how I felt during my first trip to Singapore. I went for a college field trip to “analyze and create a retail plan” by observing different malls and I don’t remember it being very memorable aside from dreading to draft a good school paper when I got back. Now, visiting the second time around makes me think otherwise. Here are my favorite, MUST-VISIT locations in Singapore. Enjoy! :)


1. Quaint neighborhood cafes

         My friend Kelvin has a knack of Googling hidden spots and cafes whenever he travels. We discovered that Singapore has a lot – one of my favorite breakfast places in Singapore is called “Wild Honey”. I love the food selection and the very hospitable approach from the Service staff.


Poached Egg, Tomatos and Avocado | Wild Honey


2. Chinatown

Aside from authentic Singapore hawker places, you’ll surely be in for the ultimate food trip when you head to Chinatown. A wide array of food carts and knick knacks await you. I wasn’t in the mood to shop when I went but each little corner made me smile cos it looked charmingly old. Haha!


Old China

The building facade immediately reminded me of the book “The Joy Luck Club” wherein you can cue in soft sounds of mahjong tiles crashing against each other. (Before you think of anything, I am part Chinese ok!) But I absolutely loved the whole strip of Chinatown as Nick and I explored the streets.


Photo by Nick Higson

Thank you to my good friend and “tour guide” Nick for taking this picture! I was so hungry that afternoon that it slipped my mind to photograph the actual food trip we had but nonetheless, I had the best curry and milk tea! :)




3. Orchard Road

Of course, what’s Singapore without the retail therapy right? Spend the entire day combing through the gigantic malls along Orchard Road. My personal favorite? It’s definitely gotta be ION Mall because it has a pretty big branch of Sephora. Wiw! Aside from the malls, there are mini performances as you stroll down the street and look – a cute puppy! Which I awkwardly borrowed from the owner


4. Boat Quay

I remember during my first trip, our classmates headed to Clark Quay. I wasn’t aware that across from there is a place called Boat Quay, lightly less of the party-scene but still a fun ambiance next to the river.


Rooftop Bar by Boat Quay

One of my favorite spots in Singapore is this simple rooftop bar by the water. If you come early like 5 or 6PM, you’ll really enjoy the change in scenery as the buildings light up on by one and the Boat Quay nightlife comes alive. So chill – like my wine! :)


Boat Quay

On the side of Boat Quay is a strip of restaurants. Not theeee most affordable ones but we had a good serving of chili crab in one of the food places – plus this view while you eat. Singapore, you’re not so bad after all. Hehe!


5. Singapore Skyline view from Marina Bay Sands

Now, this view and the sunset. Enjoy the urban skyline from the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands. This has got to be one of the most relaxing feelings, ever :)


Infinity Pool, Marina Bay Sands

It was the Singapore Grand Prix weekend when I flew in so the top hotels were packed, of course. After seeing this fabulous infinity pool, this hotel is definitely on the bucketlist!


Happy Hour *clink*

I’m not much of a drinker but champagne as the sun goes down doesn’t sound like a bad idea – or a big bowl of strawberry ice cream.


6. Restaurants at Chijmes

Now, Chijmes. It has its own historical charm to it (why do they need to spell it with a “J”, seriously?) and I loved the details of the place. Some say it looks better at night with all the lights but I personally love seeing the white walls and pillars during the daytime. 


Dress: Warehouse | Bag: Tory Burch


Nike AF1’s | I have a thing for pretty tiles


7. Lovely architectural structures like Raffles

After Chijmes, we walked down to Raffles because I was looking for a cake shop called Cake Spade. One of the most in-demand places to stay in Singapore, Raffles is such a photo-worthy spot to visit so swing by if you find yourself in Singapore and maybe have some afternoon tea.


In between streets


8. National Museum of Singapore

The oldest museum in Singapore, I really enjoyed my visit to National Museum. It has a minimal entrance fee but all floors will definitely keep you busy the entire day.


Strolling through history


Singapore’s oldest museum

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


National Museum of Singapore, 93 Stamford Road


9. Experiencing the Singapore Grand Prix! | Kylie Minogue

Now, the main highlight of my trip: The great SG Grand Prix!!! Imagine, 3 nights straight of concerts with a superstar lineup and the exciting race on the 3rd day. It was my first time to attend and I felt like time went by so fast. Each night was such a party and my favorite performances this year were the ones by Kylie Minogue and Halsey.


Singapore night life

10. Gardens By The Bay

Ever since I started working in Te Amo Floristeria, my fascination for flowers grew bigger so I didn’t pass up the chances to visit the Gardens By The Bay.


Test shot: Patrick Ong

The whole place was so beautiful and calming. I went with 3 guys so imagine their reaction when I’d ask them to stand in for a test shot by the flowers. Thanks for being a good sport, Pong!


Gardens By The Bay from Sands

Here’s the amazing top-view look of the place.


11. Haji Lane

Now, my favorite shopping place (it wont be found in Orchard, sorry!) – Haji Lane! I feel like it’s the home of the most quirky finds, vintage dresses, and unique pieces crafted by local artisans.


Haji Lane

Each boutique had a unique set-up and an outside display of what they’re selling so I was badly trying not to stop in every one.


Vintage dress shopping

I am sooo glad I discovered this pretty shop along Haji Lane – offering pretty vintage dresses at a fraction of a price. I was soo in the zone that I completely forgot about my limited luggage allowance – and you do not want to know the rest of the story. Haha! Those are my top 11 MUST-SEE places in Singapore. Special thanks to Nick Higson for snapping the photos and being a great host. Kelvin, Marty and Pong – thank you for being my adventure buddies. I hope this travel guide helps and take a look at my travel VLOG of this trip! :)

XO lah,


(Photos (c) of The Style Cat)