Sweater Weather

Sun protection on a cloudy day: Ya or nah?

Although it’s not as much as we expected, it’s been moderately rainy in Manila. I find myself scavenging for light knits and sweaters to cover up but here’s the question – do we still need to lather up on the sun protection?


All grey

I always try to balance my outfit in a way when I’m starting to look a bit too boyish (aka sweater + culottes combo), I pair it with something feminine like my new jelly pair from Petite Jolie.


Staying moisturized

I make sure I stay moisturized by lathering up on my favorite scented lotion especially when the hemlines get shorter or whenever I wear skin-baring outfits.  In the events I go to, I feel like my actions are restricted when I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin.


Cover up? Not anymore!

Instead of covering up, I simply made a mental note to take care of my skin so I get to do more things and wear whatever I like. In this cloudy weather, I learned that it’s actually important to STILL stock up on that SPF because the harmful UV rays has an 80% penetration rate – even when the sun is not in sight. Scary, right?

Introducing: Silka Premium Lotion

I’m quite tan but I’ve always longed for that “glow”. I’ve been familiar with Silka ever since I was young and most recently, they’ve come up with a new variant that will leave us with that healthy “glow” AND protect us from UV rays. Silka Premium lotion is an upgrade from its regular lotion – and contains SPF 30! Silka has always given us quality skincare without the hefty price tag so it’s very affordable, still.


Silka Premium Whitening Lotion Green Papaya and Orange Papaya

Aside from it containing SPF 30, Silka Premium Lotion comes in two different scents – the papaya with milk and honey & green papaya with olive oil. It smells as good as it sounds! Silka provides everything your skin needs, from whitening, skin protection, skin nourishment, and moisturizing, in a very affordable price versus the competitors. I personally find the Green Papaya scent so relaxing.


Silka Premium Whitening Papaya Lotion SPF30 with Milk and Honey

I said it would be affordable, right? Here’s how affordable it is: Available in:

50ml – P52.00

100ml – P93.50

200ml – P165.50

Affordable, yes? ;) For more information, head over to or like Silka Skincare on Facebook.


Sweater: Lacoste

Culottes: Crow

Shoes: Petite Jolie Chunky Heels

Bag: Forever 21

So now, I am more confident to step out during sunny or cloudy days! Don’t forget to lather up on that SPF before you mom goes, “I told you so.” ;)


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