Thoughts (and outfit) When I Watched Heneral Luna

I never thought a movie could move me so much that here I am crafting a blog post about it and it’s almost midnight. We have seen a lot of great movies (most, international, I’m pretty sure) but not all will leave you applauding right after the movie and better yet – call you to action. That’s exactly what happened after I watched “Heneral Luna” by Jerrold Tarog.


You might be thinking, “What on earth does this outfit post have to do with a Heneral Luna movie review??” I am just sharing that this is what I wore when I watched it but blogging requirement aside, it’s really a film you shouldn’t miss. I paid Php230 for my ticket and settled for seats on the side, nearer the screen. I usually wouldn’t go for those seats but the cinema was PACKED and I came across an article that it would get pulled out soon so I didn’t miss the opportunity.


I KNOW that we’ve already seen A LOT of social media posts encouraging us to watch the movie (amazing cinematography, line-up of cast, etc) so how will my post be any different? I am not an expert when it comes to the topic of Philippine history but what I picked up from watching the movie is this: Filipinos should never bring down their own countrymen.IMG_2303

There won’t be any spoilers here (because the movie is based on historic facts) but there were scenes in the movie where Heneral Luna and the other characters let their ego get in the way and ended up being counter-productive. Nothing upsets me more than wasted time (especially with the traffic now, time is MORE PRECIOUS than gold). Why do we do that? Beat each other black and blue when we could channel our energy into more productive things? The reason for their fight might be the most valid excuse but it all boils down to the decisions we make. We need to make good ones.


I applaud the whole team behind Heneral Luna for making the cinematography so brilliant that it will surely reach the market they’d like to tap. The message of the entire movie is CLEAR – no dead scenes and the 2 hours felt so fast. So thank you guys, for taking time and your talent to create this work of art. I sincerely hope your vision for it materializes and it really becomes a trilogy – like Marvel but even better because we are talking about real life heroes here. We need more movies like this and less of the “kabit theme” or shallow movies. There is hope for the local cinema industry! I hope for the day then when we see the list of movies in a cinema, 90% will be Filipino ones and the elitists won’t be like “how baduy.”

Cocorose London in Brixton


I know we are sort of a “damaged culture” but it is never too late to fix something. Say no to the little things that cloud your judgement: Greed, money, power. I hate how on point they are when they said some decisions only favor the few or the more wealthy. Let’s do our part and the FIRST is to watch the movie and be educated.

Now, next oe my To-Watch films is “Silong.” Let’s do this!


Black top and skirt set: Zalora

Shoes: Cocorose London

Shades: Georgina Sasha

Red patent bag: Mango

If you reached this line, thanks for taking time to read. You are awesome!!! :* Have a productive Monday ahead!


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(Photos by Rodel Flordeliz)