3-Day Tokyo Japan Itinerary in Springtime: A First Timer’s Guide

Exploring Tokyo Japan

On my travel bucketlist, one of the places I’ve ALWAYS wanted to explore is Tokyo! Luckily, I was invited by Netflix to witness the special premiere of their upcoming original series – Lost in Space! I got lost while exploring and ate a lot of ramen during my Japan trip so I’m sharing with you my must-visit places when in Tokyo during springtime. Enjoy!


LaQua Mall

Day 1: Go on a food trip in Shiomode City Center

Ippudo Ramen

Looking for food near Shiodome Station

Day 2: Head over to Shibuya, Harajuku and Ropponggi

Cat Street, Harajuku

White cape: Keepsake The Label | Scarf: Parfois

Dress: Fray I.D. | Shoes: New Look

Located in Harajuku, Cat Street is this artsy strip of shoppes and boutiques that you’d want to walk into. It’s filled with independent Japanese brands and food stalls – it’s where you can find the popular “Luke Lobser” sandwiches but the line was too long I wasn’t able to try it.

3. Shibuya Crossing

Of course – the famous Shibuya district. I really enjoyed this place because there are so many malls and shops – it’s a perfect place to spend a whole afternoon in. It has a mega Don Quijote branch (perfect for buying pasalubong)  and lots of restaurants to choose from as well.

GC Clarete of Globe | Shibuya at night

Day 3: Visit Hamarikyu Gardens and Tsukiji Fish Market

 Tsukiji Fish Market

Boots: New Look

One of my favorite places in Tokyo – the Tsukiji Fish Market! Although it’s unfortunate that it is rumored to be closing in October due to its contaminated water (don’t drink tap when you go!), this place is still worth a visit. As you walk along Tsukiji Market, you’ll be greeted by plenty of food stalls with mouth-watering selections – from savory to sweet.

Tsukiji Market | White strawberries on a stick 

This one is around Php400 (for just strawberries), some are quite pricey but I really wanted to try it – it turned out to be really sweet. Yum!

Strawberry Fruit Sticks

Buttered scallops

Grilled scallops with uni on top

Tsukiji Fish Market

4. Hamarikyu Gardens

Top: Twill Cavern | Bags: Style Cat

I was beyond lucky that the Netflix Tokyo invite came just in time during Sakura season. I’ve always wanted to experience and see cherry blossoms in full bloom – this was the perfect time! We checked out the nearest park from our hotel – Hamarikyu Gardens and as soon as we got there, I was just in AWE of the beauty of it.

There is an entrance fee of 1000 Yen to enter the gardens (around Php500) but it’s so worth your money because the park is huge.

Visit Roppongi

Netflix Lost in Space Premiere

Now, the most exciting part of the trip – meeting the cast!!! Lost in Space is a Netflix original series of a family (The Robinsons) getting trapped in an unknown planet and doing everything for survival. I’ve seen a few episodes and honestly? I LOVE IT. I was literally on the edge of my seat as I was watching. To show you more about my Tokyo trip. check out my vlog!

My Tokyo Adventure Vlog

Arigato! Til my next adventure!!



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