The Unwanted Boob Job: My Mammotome Excision Biopsy Experience

My “boob job” experience

It all started when I was covering an event that promotes Breast Cancer Awareness & Women Empowerment – Chicdriven! The breast examination booth was free so I thought I’d give it a go – never hurts to get checked right? Semi-panic hit my nerves when the doctor said she felt something. I occasionally get sharp pains on my left boob – so I knew something was up but never had it checked. The doctor’s theory was backed up once I got a chest ultrasound and my results showed a solid mass (size of an almond). HALP!

OOTD today: Lab gown from The Medical City, Ortigas

When I had the results, I took it to family-recommended doctor, top breast surgeon Dra. Pierette Kaw of Medical City. Based from the appearance of the mass, she assured me it was probably benign but offered to take it out for biopsy to be 100% sure. I was reluctant to do it at first because I hate needles and can’t stand the thought of my boob getting cut open to take out a solid mass (!!!) but with the convincing of Nick (he flew in from SG to accompany me), I considered the procedure to alleviate the physical stress it was causing me. Plus, Dra. Kaw told me about a new technology they have in Medical City – a mammotome excision biopsy – a quick 30-45 minute outpatient procedure which is a computer-guided minimally invasive biopsy that preserves breast tissue and can be done quickly and safely. LET’S DO THIS!

Pretending I’m laughing but I couldn’t wait to leave the operating room! :)) | With Dra. Pierce Kaw

The Procedure

I booked my boob surgery at 8AM and I was instructed to arrive in Medical City at 7:30am. I love how we started on time – Dra Kaw was already in the Operating Room with a patient and I was next. THIS IS IT!

When I got to the OR, there was a team of 4 – headed by Dra. Kaw. I love how they immediately made me feel comfortable through funny small talk. It was even nurse Maqui who took these photos!

Dra. Kaw did an ultrasound to ensure the location of the cyst, marked it then proceeded to inject me with local anesthesia. Within a minute, it started to take effect then she inserted the mammotome probe (big needle) that had a vacuum effect, removing the cyst strip by strip (see photo below – VIEW WITH CAUTION).

Thank you so much to Dra. Kaw and your awesome team for making me feel so safe and secure during the entire procedure. Keeping my fingers crossed for the biopsy results!

Two cysts were located so through the new technology, it was taken out STRIP BY STRIP so it looked like this

For those of you who’d like to see a breast surgeon, I HIGHLY recommend the ever so beautiful Dra. Pierce Kaw. For your reference, here is her schedule:

Visit Dra Pierette Yee Kaw, MD

The Medical City (Ortigas Avenue Pasig)

MATI Unit 1705

Mon 1-5PM and Th & Sat 9-12NN

Tel: 6536789 loc 5235

Clinica Manila (2nd Floor SM Megamall A)

Wed & Fri 4-7PM and Sat 1-5PM

Tel: 661-7777

The Medical City Breast Unit (6th Flr, The Medical City, Ortigas Avenue)

Saturday 10-12NN

Tel: 988-1000 loc 6527

The Medical City Trinoma (1st Flr North EDSA)

Tues & Thurs 2-4PM

Tel: 943-2256
So, get yourself checked and don’t be shy to discuss your options with your doctor. Email or DM me over at @yukitansengco if you have any questions! Here is also the next event of Chicdriven (where I FOUND OUT that I had a cyst) – go if you can :) It will be on July 1-2 at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center! There will be FREE seminars, a cool Passion show and raffle draws.

Stay healthy!


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