Z-Lasik Eye Surgery With Shinagawa: Procedure, Recovery and FAQs

No Filter: My Lasik Eye Surgery Experience

I was the girl who’d always ask to be seated in front of the class room. Ever since Grade 5, I found myself squinting uncomfortably at the dirty chalkboard or OHP slide so my mom and I finally had my vision checked and knew I needed my first pair of prescription glasses. With an eye grade of -2.5 to -2.75, I’ve been wearing glasses for almost 10 years now and I can’t even explain how happy I felt when I told myself, “Time to get lasik surgery.”


Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics Clinic

When I posted I was having eye tests run in Shinagawa for LASIK, I had around 2-3 friends message me words of encouragement and reactions. “Best birthday gift ever!” “I had mine done there and I haven’t worn glasses since.” Shinagawa is one of the most reputable LASIK centers in the country – with more than 26 years of experience, they have become Japan’s #1 Aesthetics Center and World’s Largest Lasik Eye Surgery Provider. To date, they have established 44 branches all over Japan, making Shinagawa ​​ Japan’s leading cosmetic surgery chain.


Day 1: Consultation

With events and being on the go, I force myself to wear contacts almost everyday. If you are thinking of getting LASIK, you must stop wearing contacts for at least 2-3 weeks before the eye consultation so the doctor can get the real grade of your eyes. I had to wear my glasses again! Grrr. At the end of the consultation, the doctor said I was a candidate for LASIK. Yey!


Day 2: Z-Lasik Eye Surgery

I was so excited and feeling brave that I volunteered to do the surgery a few days after. My friends kept scaring me that my eye would be scraped but none of that happened – cos its a laser surgery. Haha! There were a lot of people in line for LASIK on the same day, different procedures, and by 8PM, I was seeing clearly. The operation itself takes around 10 minutes – it is the waiting game that made me anxious. At the end of the day: SUCCESS!!! I was so happy with my new “pair” of clear eyes. No more glasses, no more contacts.


Day 10: 2nd Check-up with Shinagawa

After the operation, they request you to come back the next day for your 1st check up to see how your eye healed after the operation. Results were good! Shinagawa is actually the leading provider of LASIK and Aesthetic services internationally and globally, recognized for its cutting edge medical technologies, state-of-the-art facilities, superior patient care and affordability. I mean just look at how they run tests, the facilities are so advanced!


20/10 Vision!

FUN FACT: Shinagawa has performed 1.2 Million surgeries—the highest number of successful procedures in the world; all while ensuring the safest and highest level of treatment at a very reasonable price. Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics Philippines is the first major operation outside of Japan. The most popular refractive eye surgery procedure that corrects various errors of refraction such as Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Astigmatism, and Presbyopia.


Running some tests

When I was wearing glasses, I couldn’t see after the 4th line from the top!!! But now, I went back for a check up and I passed the test – up til the 2nd to the last line from the bottom. Imagine that. I can clearly see from 20 feet now! The feeling is amazing. I’ve never been so happy! :)



  1. How much to get lasik surgery? Shinagawa Clinic offers different types of lasik services such as Z-Lasik and InstraLASIK. The outcome is the same but I believe the difference is the machine used and one procedure has a shorter recovery time but they put out different options to fit your budget. For inquiries, call up 491-0000. :)
  2. Did it hurt? Honestly, the operation itself was not painful (I was practicing with my yoga breathing techniques inhaaale, exhaaaale) but after the operation, I couldn’t open my eyes and I was extra sensitive to light. As per the doctor, it depends on your pain tolerance.
  3. How long does the operation take? How many sessions? It only takes one session to correct your vision with LASIK. The tests we ran took 3-4 hours (so make sure you a lot one whole day for that) but the operation itself just took 10 minutes. Awesome, right?
  4. How long is the recovery period? For Z Lasik, it takes a recovery time of 3-5 hours post operation. You will be given eye drops to apply thrice a day and will be told to avoid eye make up, swimming, contact sports, etc. My vision has never felt more clear! :)
  5. Is it possible for your eye to get a grade again after lasik? Just like any body part, it  nex naturally age through time so it is possible to have a grade 10 years from now but as per the past Shinagawa patients, they’re still so happy with the service and the clinic makes sure you have regular check-ups with them – Doc Ding has been very helpful to me!


With Jaime L. Dinglasan, M.D., DPBO | Senior Surgeon, Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Ophthalmogist

Meet the man who did my surgery – Doc Ding! He accompanied me mentally from the beginning until the check-ups which made me feel so sad. At Shinagawa, all the Medical professionals are experts in the fields of Ophthalmology, Aesthetics, and Orthodontics. Dr. Jaime Dinglasan Jr. is one of the foremost experts in Ophthalmology in the Philippines. He is a Refractive Surgery specialist who has trained and certified several hundred Ophthalmologists in the art of Refractive Laser Surgery. Thanks Doc Ding!

Shinagawa Z-Lasik Eye Surgery

Yuki Tansengco

Wuhoo – after this, I really could not believe my eyes. LASIK is so amazing!

Let me know if you guys have anymore questions that still remain unanswered. Thank you so much Shinagawa Clinic (and Sally!) – I now see the world in a different light. For more information and services, check out the official website www.shinagawa.ph or call up the hotline 491-0000. Shinagawa is open from 10AM to 8PM and you can also follow them on Instagram via @shinagawaclinic. The Shinagawa Clinic is located in The Enterprise Building along Ayala Avenue in Makati. So accessible!

Z-Lasik Surgery With Shinagawa

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